Barbie Flannigan

Freelance Journalist, Writer & Blogger

I was born and raised in Ohio, the corn state and the home of the Buckeyes. When I was growing up, there was little to do but run around barefoot and play tag. I come from a big family and there was always someone around. So to escape, I’d dive into a book. It started with tales of Raggedy Ann and Nancy Drew mysteries. I’ve now graduated to thrillers and horror stories.

Since I had a knack for reading and writing, I became involved with journalism by the age of twelve. I went to college and majored in broadcast journalism. Eventually, I spent nearly fifteen years reporting the news. When I left journalism, I went back to school and got my Masters in Creative Writing.

Now I’m putting my writing skills to work by freelancing and blogging. What will I write about? Everything. This is a personal blog that revolves around my life. I’m always trying new things which means I’m always learning new things. The key subjects I want to focus on is getting and staying healthy, beauty-I’m obsessed with makeup–and books. I also enjoy gardening, antique shopping, and I’m a movie buff. I do all of these on a realistic budget.

There will be lots of reviews and lots of recipes. I will share my life with you. I hope you like what you read and see.

Stay Blessed,