Getting Ready for Summer 2022

Summer 2022

It’s that time of the year to bring out those bright lip colors. I’m still wearing a mask, but hopefully soon we can all unveal our lips full of color. I found these Laura Mercier lippies for less than ten bucks at Marshall’s.

Coral VIF

I can’t believe I found the perfect coral. Every summer, I hunt for this shade, and I never get it right. Let’s just take a moment to admire the case. It has a magnetic closure, and feels nice and sturdy.

Look at that. Fire!! Please let Covid go away, so I can show up and show out in coral this summer. I already have a purse and sundresses. I just need shoes.

Speaking of purses, I’ve got this Mulberry pink, Kate Spade crossbody ready for action. I’m having foot surgery, so this will make things easier. I like the three compartments.

I also have this hot pink Dooney & Burke crossbody that I bought last year. It still has the tags on it.

It’s nice and roomy which I need.

I purchased this wallet to match all of my summer Dooneys, but my darn dog ate it.

So I’ll have to pull out my old continental wallet which is heavier than I would like.

I also have this Dooney canvas tote that I purchased last year. The light color is making me nervous. I don’t want to wear it everyday and mess it up. I’m very particular about my purses.

So this week, I ordered this Kate Spade tote. I can toss paperwork and my water bottles in it. This will be great until I have my foot surgery, and then I’ll have to use my crossbody bags.

As many of you know, I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis/ RA. This Joint Vibrance has been helping a lot with joint pain. The Collagen and Hyaluronic acid has vastly improved the look of my skin. I also take these turmeric supplements. This will help me have more energy to enjoy outdoor activities. I purchased both of these from HSU.

This eye cream has been working miracles on my under eye bags. This helps me wear less makeup when it’s hot out.

I’ve been loving this moisturizer. I have dry skin and this has been making my skin glow.

These Fenty lip glosses are must haves. I have nearly every color. They are my favorite lip glosses. Can’t wait until Riri has her baby!

I plan to pull out my natural stone bracelets which exude positive energy.

Edens Garden

I’m also rebuilding my aromatherapy collection. Really concentrating on relaxation.

Lastly, I’ve purchased a Vibrosculpt massager to work that fat off my stomach and thighs. I think it’s helping. I’ll do a full review after I use it a while.

Happy Easter and stay blessed,



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