IPSY BAG – 2022


        February 2022 Late

Let’s turn the clock back to February and check out the goodies in the IPSY Glam Plus bag.

The five beauty products came in this dainty heart-covered bag. Ya’ll know I use these bags to store makeup, necklaces, and even hair tools.

Clean Beauty

This is a full-sized duo blush set.  It’s vegan and cruelty free. These are pretty pinks for the spring. They’re a little too light for me, so I’ll give it away. $30

Clean Skin Club

There is nothing like pure Vitamin C on your face. It plumps and brightens your skin. You can feel it working. It’s absolutely amazing! $50

Terre De Mars

This is an eye serum that contains coffee. It also has fatty acids and antioxidants in it. I have an ongoing problem with dark bags under my eyes, so I’ll test this out immediately. $25

Yensa Pink Lotus

This is a moisturizer with pink lotus in it. I’ll give it a shot, but it may be too light for my dry skin. Heavier creams work better for me. $48


I like to use gel pencil eyeliners around the inner and outer area of my bottom lash line. I love a touch of color, so I’m excited about trying the rose gold shimmer pencil.  IPSY also included a matte black pencil and a sharpener. $37

The IPSY Glam Plus bag is $28 a month. You get five full-sized high-end products. I’m very happy with my bag this month. The quality of the products keeps improving.

Stay Blessed,



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