Let’s Get Organized !!

I have a lot of makeup and beauty product subscriptions. Sometimes, the stuff just piles up.

Organizing My Beauty Products

The problem is that I can’t find the items I want to use.

There is everything from makeup brushes to moisturizers, collecting dust.

My first move was to give lots of my products away. Now, Im organizing what’s left.

I have masks scattered everywhere. They need to all go in one place.

I decided to tuck them into a small wicker basket and place it inside a larger basket. I’ll keep my empty IPSY bags here, and there’s room to grow.

This is my spare cosmetic organizer. My main organizer is in my bathroom filled with things I’m actively using. This is where I put my extras.

The bottom two drawers are where I keep my old palettes that  I don’t use, but I couldn’t  let them go yet.

This Naked palette is nearly ten years old. It’s got to go.

I love this Estee Lauder palette. The navy blue and hot pink are to die for. But all of these palettes are expired, and I’ve got to trash them.

This is old MAC and NARS makeup. The NARS will be tossed. The MAC goes in my recycling bag and will be exchanged for new stuff.

After I emptied and cleaned the cosmetic organizer, I put these brand new brushes in the bottom drawer. All of these brushes came in my subscription boxes. I have tons that I actively use, so these will stay here…ready to use.

The second big drawer holds my serums and skin treatments. I’ll put these into use once I finish the serums I’m currently using.

The next drawer holds masks and scrubs. Once again, these aren’t used. That way they stay fresh and uncontaminated.

The trial and travel sized items go in this drawer.

These are lip treatments and scrubs.

These are spare mascaras and eyeliners. I gave a lot away.

This is a miscellaneous drawer. I want to wear false eyelashes so badly, but I don’t know how.

This is the finished look! Everything is perfectly organized, and I know what I have.

Stay Blessed,


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