Fun Christmas Decor

Christmas 2021

I got lucky and found some fun and pretty Christmas decorations this year…including the wreath above that I got from Marshall’s for $24.

This guy was $20. My dog attacked him, but Mr. Gnome survived with no wounds.

I got this gnome from Zulily

Check out this pillow. I got it for 70% off at Joanne’s. The little man next to him was part of the sale as well.

I love this gnome. Look at his sleigh.

Everything here was bought at Joanne’s, except the light blue gnome that lights up. Ignore my reflection on the TV.

I love the green, black, and plaid color scheme. All from Joanne’s.

I dug deep to find these decorative boxes. The last two in the store.

Look at Bailey photo bombing my pictures.

After Christmas, I’m getting more of these candles from Joanne’s. They look and smell good… and they’re dirt cheap.

I purchased Mr. Claus for $20 at Marshall’s.

I got him too. He’s so darn cute. Look at his feet.

This light up snowman is my favorite. I got him from Kirkland for only $15.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

God bless and stay safe!



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