Sooner or later, we’re going to return to the office. My makeup has been collecting dust since March of 2020. I decided that it needed a facelift.


I don’t like heavy makeup when it’s hot outside or on the weekends. Fenty recently launched the Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint.

I was lucky enough to find my shade on Sephora did not have it. I got the color #17. Usually, I wear #385 in the Pro Filter’ Foundation so this is a good match. $29.50


I purchased the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder in the color Honey. $32


I’ve got bags under my eyes, so I decided to try out the Bright Fix Eye Brightener in the color, Honey.

This is what you use after a night of partying or in my case, I’ll use it after binging on Netflix all night. $25.

COLOR #360

I also purchased the Instant Touch Concealer which can be used with the Bright Fix Eye Brightener. I think they both do a great job on the under eye area. The concealer is $26, and I chose the color, 360 because I like my concealers lighter than my skin tone.


I caught this Match Stix set on sale. I got three for $25 dollars. They’re usually three for $54. I use the Rum as an eyeshadow base and highlighter. The Caramel is used as a concealer, and the Truffle is a contour.

If you have a deep skin tone, the Truffle can double as the perfect dark brown cream eyeshadow. This set is Medium.


I chose the Pro Filt’r Primer in Soft Matte. It also comes in True Matte & Soft Silk. $32

I love this precision makeup sponge. It’s flat on one side and has a contoured tip. It’s great for putting concealer under the eye. I’m going to get another one. $16


The Sun Stalk’r Bronzer. I love brushing this all over my face. It deepens my skin tone, and it looks like I’ve been kissed by the sun. $32

Killawatt Foil in Ruby Richez. I’ve had this one for a while, but I haven’t used. It’s so beautiful in person. It’s a cranberry and pink hue.

The next Killawatt Foil is Mimosa Sunrise and Sangria Sunset. This compact contains a hard orange shade and a deep hot pink color. Freakin’ fire. What’s better is it’s a free gift with my purchase.


Lastly, I had to hook up my lips. I love love love Fenty’s Glass Bombs. I picked up the new Heat glass bomb which pumps up your lips. It tingled a little when I put it on, but it made my lips bigger. $22

I also got Ruby Milk which is a plumb color with iridescence. It’s fire on the lips. $19 is having a Labor Day sale with some items marked down to 50% off. Let me know if you buy anything.

Stay Blessed,



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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Wonderful haul ! I want to try out those new glossy bombs ! The cherry one looks so cute , plus the highlighters are so pretty! I have one of the match stix highlighters in lilac that I love .


    1. I want the lilac. The gloss bombs deliver!

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