IPSY Bag & Glam Bag

June 2021

IPSY keeps taking my money. The monthly subscription service has really grown over the years. I like it so much that I buy both the IPSY bag and the IPSY Glam bag.

The IPSY bag is just $12 dollas a month for five full and/or travel-size products. You also get a nifty bag.

Mud seems to be the mask pick of the year. It does a good job of pulling the toxins out of your skin and pouring in moisture.

This is a nice gold lip gloss to carry in your wristlet. You can wear it alone or pop it on top of a deeper color.

I love these little trial size cleansers. I keep them in the shower and choose a different one each day.

I forgot to get a single shot of the liquid blush on the left side.

Here’s a swatch of it. A hot mess. Let’s move on.

I will get a lot of use out of these tweezers, so they are appreciated.

The Glam bag products come in this. It matches the IPSY bag. For $26 a month, you get five full-size items.

Look at this stuff. I only paid $26 dollars, and I got to choose my products.

My face needs a lot of help right now. I can’t wait to try this Lifting Treatment Mask. I’ll let you know if it works.

This face mist smells like coconuts. Spritz it on your face after applying your makeup. The makeup stays in place all day.

Add this to my lip balm collection. The packaging is cute and the product does a good job of moisturizing my lips with a hint of color.

Otherworldly Eyeshadow Palette

Take a look at these colors. You got iridescence and matte shades. Imagine all the looks you can do with this bad boy. I can’t wait!

Taking a trip? Or maybe you need an eye palette that stays at work for those late mornings? This baby is just what you need. But wait. Let’s take a peek inside.

This palette can handle your day and night looks. Best of all is it slips right into your purse.

For less than forty bucks, I got tons of makeup and face products. IPSY delivers…once again.

Stay Blessed,



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