FabFitFun Box -Summer 2021


I eagerly wait for my Fabfitfun box every season. Four times a year, I receive a box full of luxury, paying only $49.95. I usually get hundreds of dollars worth of high-end products.

The good times turned bad after I received this crap…

It looks like I shopped at the Dollar Store. I love the Dollar Store, but I only pay a dollar for each item. Several months ago, I broke down and got a yearly FFF membership for around $200. I did this for the first time in five years.

They made me pay for the current box which was $50, and then I had to fork over another $200 for the yearly subscription. And this is what I got! Oh there’s more…half of the box was missing. Take a look!

I received a foot file. Hmmm! Really? As an annual member, I get my box before the monthly buyers. I also get to customize my box. Somehow, I didn’t receive my FFF customization email. So they chose my products for me.

A pineapple ice tray. What the…heck? Why would you even put this in the box. You can find these everywhere for a couple of bucks.

A Spongelle body wash buffer. I already have three of these.

The sponge, ice tray, and foot file came as a pack of three. Usually, FFF provides the prices for each product. There were no prices for these products. Could it be because they’re cheap!

Someone chose this bluetooth speaker for me. I didn’t need one.

This is a picnic blanket that will never be used. I just don’t like to eat outside. As a child we had a picnic table in the backyard. We often ate out there–to enjoy the sun and nature. It was torture. Wasps, mosquitoes, and flies everywhere. Needless to say this picnic blanket is useless in my world.

FFF puts a magazine in each box. When I reviewed the magazine, I discovered that products were missing from my box. I emailed and called customer service several times. Finally, a service rep explained that sometimes boxes have missing items, and they’re sent later. (That’s never happened to me in five years. Why would this start happening after I became a “member” of FFF?)

The rep confirmed that my missing items were mailed in response to my initial email. That would have been nice to know before I made a slew of additional phone calls and sent more emails. The missing items arrived a few days later in a plain white package. I opened it, hoping I’d get some high-end makeup, or body cream or a throw blanket. Like that stuff would have fit in the thin package I got?

I got a water resistant pouch for the pool. I don’t like water. I won’t be chilling at the pool or a beach. Sigh!

Next, I got these puzzles and activity books. I have a smart phone. This is for…I don’t know who, but it’s not for me.

Lastly, I got this…a small plastic tray. It’s not even big enough to hold a dinner plate. Maybe I’ll use it to paint my nails on.

First of all, I don’t understand why the email for customization wasn’t sent to me. If they had to chose my products, they could have reviewed my past history. I general select beauty products. The magazine shows that they had loads avaialable.

Why didn’t they send me a beach tote?

Okay, they sent me the tray. Why not add the guac and salsa bowl? I would have loved this.

I would have taken the wine chiller or the wine tumbler with a straw. I strongly suspect that once you buy an annual membership, your box sinks to a lower level of importance. I clearly got the leftovers. The goal seems to be to swoon non-members with grandiose boxes…until they sign on the dotted line.

I’m mostly angry because every Youtuber and reality TV star gets these boxes for free. Their boxes are incredible and packed with extras while I had to pay for a bunch of mess.

I don’t know what the future holds for me and FFF. There are other boxes out there and FFF can easily be replaced.

Stay Blessed,



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