The last couple of months have been challenging with all the issues stemming from COVID-19. And then came the murder of George Floyd. Millions of people were shocked, infuriated, and traumatized as they watched an innocent man die…his neck trapped under the knee of an officer of the law.

While Floyd cried “I Can’t Breathe,” Derek Chauvin smirked and kept pinning Floyd down until he went limp. As people around the tried to digest the video, they began to realize that there is a problem. Racism. Black men are being murdered by the police.

The BLM movement gained momentum. People started chanting the words “Black Lives Matter”. It wasn’t just the Black community, but people of all races began to speak out.  This isn’t just a Black issue. It’a humanitarian issue.

Floyd 11 -AFP

Diversified crowds of peaceful protesters gathered across the nation and the world. Real conversations about race have started.


The wheels of justice have started as all four officers involved in Floyd’s murder have been arrested and charged.

 We’re also seeking justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and all the other victims of police violence.


Now that we have unified, my hope is that the world remains diligent. Speak out! March! Vote! Let’s not just demand change. Let’s make change!

Stay blessed and stay safe,





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