The Last Sephora Playbox

This is it. Sephora has discontinued its Playbox. They’re placing it with the Sephora Lux box which is double the price of Playbox.  I’m not ready to jump from $12 to $25 a month, so I have to let it go.

I received belif eye bomb. I probably have five of these in my makep storage. I’m not impressed with this product. Next, I got a sample of Kat Von D lipsticks. How do you use this? There’s barely enough to cover one lip.


I’ve heard about these. I’ll give it a try and see if it works for me. I’m glad I received a sample and didn’t spend money on it.


IT’s Secret Sauce. You’ve got to love the name. This is an anti-aging moisturizer developed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.


Makeup Forever’s Wordly Mauve. This can be used as and eyeliner or lip liner. The color is unique and fun.


It’s always nice to get a sample from Fresh. The line is above my price point, but the products are amazing.

I’m raelly sad to see Playbox go. Every month I purchased one for myself and one for my niece.  I received a lot of high-end samples that I never would have gotten a chance to test otherwise.

I’m looking for another monthly box. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Stay blessed and stay safe!



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