How I Organize, Use & Store My Makeup & Skincare Samples!


I have monthly subscriptions to IPSY and Sephora Playbox. I pay $10 a month for each,  and I receive ten to twelve makeup and skincare products a month.

I also purchase seasonal Fabfitfun boxes for $49 each. I get full-size high-end makeup, skincare, jewelry, scarves, electronics and more. All these products, can pile up and go unused.


Here’s my method to the madness. When I receive my subscription boxes, I decide whether I can use the products or not. If it’s something I can’t use, I put it in the giveaway pile. I don’t swipe or use it.

20200101_020431 (1)

I have two of these storage units. One in my bedroom and one in my bathroom. I keep my samples in these units. The “actively “used products are in my main storage unit in the bathroom while the backups are in the other unit.

20200101_012043 (1)

This is a drawer from my main storage unit. Everything in it is a sample.

20200101_011950 (1)

This is another drawer in my main storage unit. These are eyeliners, mascara, and more. These are all samples. I have even more in my backup storage unit.


I have to be diligent about knowing what’s in my stash. I forgot I had these two eyeliners until I photographed the drawer. I’ll put them in circulation immediately.

I’m too cheap to buy full-size bottles of perfume. I love getting samples and using them.


I get loads of primers, serums, eye and lip treatments.

20200101_020100 (1)

The skincare products keep rolling in. Do I use everything? Heck no! I give away a lot of product. Many times I make little gift bags full of products to include with a major birthday or Chrismas present. The best thing about my subscription box stash is I never have to buy primer, eyeliner, and mascara. I just shop my stash.

I just wanted to mention that Fabfitfun boxes come out winter, spring, summer, and fall. They’re around $50 each season, and each box is filled with hundreds of dollars of items. These are full-size, high-end items that I would not be able to afford.

Stay blessed!



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