My Favorite Things for September 2019

This year I’ve focused on testing the beauty and skin products I purchase or receive in my subscription boxes. Over the last several weeks, I’ve tried some winners and some losers. Here are the results.


Every time I wash my hands, this Bath & Body Works (BBW) Candi Corn hand soap makes me stop and inhale.  It smells like a bowl packed with freshly picked blackberries.

20191012_173459 (1)

This BBW Ghoul Friend candle has notes of strawberries, peony, and citrus with essential oils. I can’t resist strawberries.


My eyes stay puffy, especially in the morning. This Dr. Dennis Gross Eye Serum deflates the puffiness quickly. The serum costs $69 for .5oz. Dr. Dennis Gross Eye Serum


This Coola setting spray with SPF was my best friend this summer. It’s finally empty and I’m sad. Really sad. It costs $36 a bottle at Sephora. Coola Setting Spray SPF.


Instead of buying another bottle, I’ll use this Grace & Stella Rose Spray that I received in my Fabfitfun box. It’s a great setting spray, but it doesn’t have SPF. The price is $24.00. Grace & Stella Setting Spray


I decided to try BBW’s Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte skin-care line. Decadence. I’m going to need back-ups. I’ve been reaching for this all month long and spraying the body mist on me and everywhere else. I got the hand soap, wallflower refill, and candle as well.

BBW had a six dollar flash sale, and I bought this Thankful Sugar Scrub from the Aromatherapy line. Talk about luxury. The scent is frankincense and myrrh which are essential oils that soothe and relax. The smell is subtle. Perfect for day or night.


Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter. I mixed this is in with my Fenty foundation every morning. It gave my skin a beautiful glow. Perfection …no more. I’ve run out. I bought this wonderful product for ten bucks at Marshall’s. I can’t find a replacement, and it’s $45 at Sephora.


Instead, I’m using Anastasia Liquid Glow highlighter which I bought at Marshall’s for about six bucks. I love the look it gives me…but it’s not my Marc Jacobs.



I received this Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair in my Fabfitfun subscription box. 3.4 fl oz costs 31.00. I got two uses out this tube, and they did nothing for my hair. Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Repair



Harper+Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs. I’m on the fence about this product. The cubes are easy to use if you want a quick, non-oily scrub. However, the scrubs cost $16 to $24 a bottle. Not sure, they’re worth it.  Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes


I use these Invsibobble hair rings because I received them in a Fabfitfun subscription box, but I’m not really impressed. They’re overpriced, and they really don’t do anything special.

20190829_155035 (1)

Yankee Candle burned me again. This Eucalyptus scent smelled amazing in this store. I hesitated to buy it, but on my third trip, I decided to pick it up. I can’t smell one hint of aroma unless my head is directly over the candle. This keeps happening when I buy Yankee Candles from Marshall’s. Maybe they’re old.

20190817_163113 (2)

And this is why I stalk BBW for their candle sales. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow was my top scent for the month. Imagine the luscious aromas of vanilla, marshmallow, and pumpkin floating through your home. Yummy!

20191012_173618 (1)

Salted Butterscotch took me by storm. This candle makes me think of a cup of melted butterscotch that you dip your finger into… and drizzle in your mouth.


Finally, I’m really enjoying this spooky wallflower from BBW.

Stay blessed,









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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Ooh Marshmallow Pumpkin sounds amazing!


    1. I’m really loving it this year!

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