Fall Candles: How To Get The Best Deals!

My go-to place for candles is Bath & Body Works. So far, I’m building up my fall collection which starts with pumpkin and gourmet scents.

20190829_154654 (1)

They have the best scents, and they guarantee their candles. So if you don’t like a candle, you can take it back and exchange it even if you’ve burned it.


At $24.50  each, you can drop a pretty penny on the popular candles. But you don’t have to ever pay full price. This week, I added these three candles to my collection. With coupons, I paid about $8.60 each.

20190829_154758 (1)

I couldn’t wait and started burning this Banana Cream Pie candle this week. It smells delicious.


I also burned one of my Blueberry pie candles for several hours. It was released this summer, but I’ll burn it year-round. These luminary candles are big at BBW this fall. Currently, there’s a $10 off sale going on, and you can use coupons.

20190829_155035 (1)

I also like buying candles from Marshall’s. This eucalyptus candle by Yankee was a great deal for only $13.99.


20190829_134816 (1)

There are loads of fall candles for discounted prices. They usually cost from six to fourteen bucks.

Stay blessed,






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