Marshall’s: Old Favorites & New Finds



Let’s start with this Stila Liquid Lipstick in the color, Lume Shimmer. It’s a beautiful magenta color with a dash of gold glitter. I couldn’t resist. $5.99


I’m in love with Kat Von D. Studded Creme Lipsticks. I love the packaging of these lipsticks. The studs are cool!

20190517_170642 (3)

This is a black and purple color with silver flecks. The formula is soft and creamy. They’re comparable to MAC’s satin lipsticks. $5.99


I still can’t believe Marc Jacobs makeup is at Marshall’s. I got my hands on a couple of lipsticks this week. The black case. The silver button. They’re magnetic. Such luxury!

20190517_170951 (3)

This is the color, Scandal which is a deep purple.


Mahogany. Another fantastic nude to add to my collection.


These lipsticks go on like butter. They’re soft and smooth. They’re definitely worth the retail price of $32. Luckily, I only paid $7.99 each.


I came across another Stila’s Heaven Hue highlighter. This is in the color Brillance. This has a goldish tone to it. It’s so soft to the touch.

A few weeks ago, I bought the Magnificence highlighter. This has a soft peach tone to it. These highlighters are $11 at Marshall’s. They retail for $32.


My last and favorite makeup purchase of the week is Marc Jacobs’ Dew Drops Coconut highlighter.  Let’s take a moment to admire the bottle. I saw this in a Youtube video.  I thought I’d have to search for weeks to find it, but there it sat waiting for me at Marshall’s.

20190517_170207 (2)

It has a rose and copper tone. So alluring and gorgeous on the skin. I paid $15 at Marshall’s.  It retails for $44. I really love this highlighter.


Schmidt’s natural deodorant. This is a natural deodorant that works and it comes in a ton of scents. One of my favorites is Rose and Vanilla. It’s only about five bucks at Marshall’s. It cost around $8 everywhere else.


I wanted to buy a nice floral scented body wash. Of course, when I’m looking for something, I can’t find it. The shelves had been raided. This Nourish Organic Body Wash was one of my few choices. $5.99


Neem is a great oil that helps with inflammation and other issues. I buy this Theraneem Mouthwash from Marshall’s. It can be pricey at health food stores. I got it for $5.99



I bought the toothpaste as well which was $3.99. Good stuff!

20190517_170347 (3)

Lastly, I bought this 10 oz soap by Body Slab. It’s a long, flat, exfoliating bar infused with coconut, vanilla, and shea butter.  There’s also oats in it to scrub off dead skin. The smell is amazing! $3.99

Stay blessed,





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