Getting Organized: Farmhouse Style!


I’m all about the trendy rustic farmhouse look, but I try to do it on a budget. I bought this sign at Hobby Lobby for about $12. Not sure if it’s tacky or not, but I like it. I’m also trying to minimize my belongings. I often waste food because I don’t know what I have, so thought I’d get organized.


I stopped by Michael’s and they were having a 50% off Black Friday in May sale. All of the items I purchased were advertised as outside items. I’m using them in the kitchen. I love the look of this crate with the chicken wire. Fabulous! $8.50


I bought three of these large slated trays For $8.


Both sides of the trays have these sturdy metal handles.


I put my mason jars inside the trays for organization and a nice look.


There’s lots of room for odd food items. Neat and organized and you can easily see what you have.


I found these crates at Marshall’s. They can be used for decorative purposes like holding these candles…


Or for holding things like onions and potatoes. I put foil in the bottom to catch those loose onion skins. $10


I bought several of these wicker baskets from Marshall’s in medium and large sizes. Perfect for storing drinks, containers of broth, and more. $8


This slotted box is supposed to be used for herbs.


I placed it in the kitchen for odds and ends. It’s a great place to store rings while tidying up. $6


This unit is also designed for flowers or herbs.


I’m using it to store tea bags.


Moving to other parts of the home, I bought several of these baskets to hold knick-knacks.


The baskets are $5.99 each at Marshall’s.


I thought this storage unit is worth mentioning. I got it from Marshall’s a few months ago. It’s great for storing notebooks and odds and ends. $10



I bought this two-piece set for storage in my bedroom walk-in closet.


There’s lots of room for storage. It can go on the shelves or inside deep drawers. $16.99


I also got several of the classic woven baskets. I like the nice clean look they give a closet, and they range from small to large sizes. Generally, they cost from six to nine bucks at Marshall’s, and they’re usually in stock, so it’s easy to purchase more as you need them.


I came across this shelving unit at Meijer’s for only five bucks. Originally, I thought I’d used it to store my makeup palettes.


Then I realized the shelving unit matched a vase I have. So I think, I’ll use it for decor. Please let me know if you have any farmhouse decorating ideas.

Stay blessed,





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