Marshall’s & TJ Maxx: My Best Haul Yet!

Most of the items I bought this week came from Marshall’s, but there were some goodies at TJ Maxx as well. Let’s start with Marshall’s.


Look at these beautiful jewelry holders. Just gorgeous! They were twenty bucks a piece. I wanted to buy all of them.


I chose this pinkish-salmon and gold one. I’ll toss a couple of rings and earrings in the bottom, but the top is too pretty to hang anything on it.

Sidenote: Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the high-end makeup brands at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. For some reason, I never explored the makeup sections of these stores. I always bought body and skin care products, clothes, shoes, candles, and home decor…but now I see was missing out. Now, I’m able to try the brands I’ve seen in Sephora and Ulta for a fraction of the price.


Lime Crime Velvetines’ liquid lipstick has quickly become a favorite. This is the color, Raisin Hell. It’s a bright burgundy bronze hue. This matte formula stays on for hours. $6.99


If I see these Lime Crime lipstick sets again, I’ll buy them. You get four products for ten bucks. I wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t buy one.


I didn’t buy this Too Faced 999.99 Glamorous Gold lip gloss the first time I saw it. I got home and regretted it.

I went back the next day and purchased it. This is a moisturizing lip gloss that’s infused with gold. It’s stunning alone or on top of another lip color. $5.99


Once again, I passed on this Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick at the store. Got home and yes, had to go back and buy it  (along with with the gold lip gloss) the next day.

I don’t own any Kat Von D makeup and this color Underage Red caught my eye. This is a beautiful true red. $5.99


This is a Becca creamy and sheer lipstick. The color is Black Violet. It’s the perfect plum hue. I had stepped away from the lipstick aisle and a store employee walked up and put some products up. I wheeled back around to the aisle and there she was …waiting for me. $5.99


I’ve been hunting down these Too Faced Metallic Sparkle lipsticks for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden they appeared at once.

20190419_182954 (1)

Stunning! There are 10 shades created to celebrate Too Faced’s 20th anniversary. I’ve got six and need to find the last four shades.


The colors I have so far are Marcia, Marcia, Marcia; TF 20, Pixie Stick, Too Too Hot; Trampula, and Hoochie.

Marshall’s raised the price on these from $5.99 to $6.99. They sell for $19.80 on the Too Faced  website, so you’re still getting a huge bargain.


The Balm Batter Up eyeshadow sticks are amazing. I finally found the color, Night Game.


It’s black with flecks of silver. The eyeshadow doesn’t crease and stays on until you take it off. It’s perfect for a smokey eye look. I’ve only found three colors at Marshall’s: Slugger, Outfield, and Night Game. They’re only $2.99. You’ll pay $17.00 for each on The Balm website.


I was watching a TJ Maxx makeup haul video on Youtube when I saw this Too Faced White Peach palette. I’ve been looking for a Too Faced Peach Frost highlighter, so I decided to stop by a TJ Maxx location where I’ve located hard to find makeup items. As you can see, I hit the jackpot.


This is what I’m talking about. The packaging. Come on! Come on!


I was so excited when I opened the compact that I accidentally gouged the makeup with my nail, but the beauty shines through anyway. This is called Happy Face. It’s a peach champagne color that goes from cream to powder. I paid $11.00. It’s on sale for $27 on the Too Faced  website.


The Too Faced White Peach Palette. I’d never seen the packaging of this palette until I opened the box at home. I really never stood a chance. I’m a sucker for unique packaging.


I will post an in-depth review on this palette. Clearly, it’s perfect for the spring and summer.


I almost forget to mention that both of these Too Faced products smell like peaches. I paid $22 for this palette. It retails for $45 on the Sephora website.


The instructions on the box of my Too Faced highlighter suggested using a kabuki brush for applying the product. So I picked up this thick and luscious Truebeauty kabuki brush for $3.99.

Lastly, I try to buy a scarf each time I go to Marshall’s.  These gorgeous gems cost around $13 to $15 each. The flowered one is Calvin Klein and the other two are a good-quality linen material.

Too Faced has become one of my favorite makeup brands. I’ve seen it in Ulta and Sephora, but just never tried it. Now, I realize that’s it’s a real competitor.

Stay blessed!





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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    You are so lucky to find all the Too Faced lipsticks ! Those blues and pinks are so beautiful.


    1. I watch YouTube and when they say they’re out there, I start the hunt.


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