My Nighttime Routine

I love watching nighttime routine videos on Youtube. I thought I’d share my routine. It takes me at least thirty minutes to forty minutes to get everything done. There are two parts to my routine. I have to prepare my meals and clothes for the next day, and then I have to get ready for bed.

I generally slip into bed around 11 pm and wake up around 6 am. I actually fall asleep between 12:15 to 12:30. I’ve always had trouble sleeping, so I drink chamomile tea.

Around 8:00 or 9:00 pm, I try to tire myself out by cooking one of my Blue Apron meals for lunch the next day. I generally take a nap in the evening, so I have a burst of energy.


eggf (1)653

Then I prepare my meals for the next day. Generally, I have a Jimmy Dean Eggwich, or Trader Joe’s frozen maple oatmeal for breakfast.  Snacks can be fruit, hummus and quinoa chips or veggies.

clthpik (1)

Next, I  lay my clothes out for the next day. For several years, I worked an early morning shift. Everything had to be ready to go so I could get to work on time. I still live by that rule just in case, I wake up late which I do sometimes.

aveenopadsthayers (1) (1)

Next, I clean my face with Aveeno daily cleansing pads. These are amazing. One side of the pad is smooth and the other side is for exfoliation. They have oil-free, hypoallergenic soap in them. I use Thayer’s witch hazel as a toner to get any last remnants of makeup off my face.

blaq masks (1)

Several times a week, I put on eye masks. I love these BLAQ eye masks.


Other nights, I do a quick facial mask.

jason-natural-toothpaste (1)

While the mask is on, I brush my teeth alternating each night between a charcoal toothpaste which brightens and whitens my teeth and Jason’s Powersmile toothpaste.


flosserI use my water flosser to finish cleaning my teeth. I wear Invisalign, so I get those nice and clean and put them back in.


I sleep with an illuminated diffuser on my nightstand. I choose the essential oil I like for that night may be something with lavender in it or an immunity oil if I feel a little sick. I also like a nice cup of tea at night, so I fire up the Keurig.

By this time, the eye patches can come off. A little eye cream goes on them.


I’m currently moisturizing my face with Jejuen overnight mask on some nights and on other nights, I rosehip oil or Josie Moran’s Argan oil.


At least twice a week, I put a serum  on my face and neck with my ice-cold jade roller.CRHONEY

Now for my hair. I have a plethora of leave-in conditioners. I rub a conditioner in and put a satin bonnet on. I’m done with my hair.

chgown (1)

I’m addicted to short cotton nightgowns, preferably by Carole Hochman which I catch on sale. I sleep into a nice clean nightgown and spritz myself face neck and arms with rose water. It’s so relaxing.



Now,,.my feet and shoulders. I have rheumatoid arthritis which leads to a lot of feet and joint pain. At night, I massage my feet, shoulders and other achy joints with either camphor oil, Arnica oil blends, or an infused hemp oil to help relieve the swelling and pain.

wedge (1)

I also sleep with an elevated wedge which helps with swollen feet.


Now, I make my tea. This night I did a chamomile tea bag and an Echinacea tea bag since I had a scratchy throat. Once in the bedroom, I spray the bed down with a sleep-inducing pillow mist.


My laptop and a stress-relieving coloring book go in the bed with me. I keep a lot of stuff in my nightstand drawer. I won’t even delve into that. I also must have bottled water next to me. I lotion my hands and put a balm on my lips.  And then I watch Youtube videos, sometimes ASMR videos that help you sleep, while coloring and sipping tea.

What’s special about your nighttime routine? I’m always looking for new ideas.

Stay blessed,






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