Come Shopping with Me at Marshalls!

Early Saturday morning, I took a chance. I went shopping on the weekend before Christmas. I was finished with my gift shopping, but I couldn’t help wondering if I was missing a good deal out there. So I stopped by my favorite hybrid store, Marshalls and Home Goods.


I never go into Marshalls when I’m in a rush. I have to take my time, shuffle through each aisle, and look carefully. I start with the skin care and beauty section. I immediately spotted Nubian’s Black Seed Soap and Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Soap. I was so focused on taking pictures that I didn’t pick up the Coconut and Hibiscus soap. I have a face mask by Shea Moisture in this scent, and it’s addictive. I hope they still have the soap when I return.


I did pick up a bar of Tea Tree Therapy soap. It has lavender, macadamia oil, and eucalyptus in it. The soap smells minty and refreshing. $2.99


Marshalls has shelves of Shea Moisture products from serums to eye creams. All at deeply discounted prices.


I have several facial scrubs in my shower, and there’s always one by Shea Moisture. They’re perfect for washing my face in the morning. I already have a back supply so I didn’t buy one.


There are also lots of facial masks.


There are loads of Shea Moisture hair products as well. I noticed that there was a fresh supply of tgin natural hair products on the shelf. I was looking for a deep conditioner, but there weren’t any by tgin.


Giovanni is a popular line for all hair types. These huge containers are only $12.99 each. I’ve bought them before. It’s a lot of shampoo and conditioner!

I’ve used Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for years. This stuff repairs damaged hair like no one’s business. It’s only $7.99 at Marshalls, but it’s rarely in stock. I have two tubes at home, so I didn’t need to buy one. If you try this balm let me know. It’s incredible.


Still making my way down the aisle…looking for a deep conditioner. My hair is protein sensitive so most of the conditioners I saw wouldn’t work for me. Too much protein breaks my hair off.


I love these oils. The nozzles allow you to squirt the hair on your scalp which is great for super curly hair or braids You can also mix the oils with essential oils like lavender and rub it on your skin.


I always keep liquid black soap in the house and Alaffia is one of my favorite brands. These 32 oz bottles are only $9.99. I have the Tangerine Citrus at home. I use it to bathe with, clean the tub, toilet, sink, floors. I even wash the dog with it.


I came across this Alaffia Coconut and Coffee Berries body wash and had to have it. Coffee berries are anti-oxidants that are heavenly for the skin. I’ll use this as a hand soap as well. This 32 oz bottle was only $6.99. Alaffia is based in Tongo, West Africa. The company is heavily involved in sustainability. They offer fair wages to their staff which is predominately females and mothers, education, reforestation, and maternal care. Check out the company’s story: Alaffia Empowerment.


I’ve heard a lot about these tangle-free brushes. I bought this one for only $3.99. Isn’t it pretty? It works great. I washed my hair, added conditioner, and ran the brush through my hair. Easy!


I wear Invisalign so I go through a lot of toothbrushes. Grin toothbrushes are my favorites. They’re made in New Zealand which is one of my dream vacations. The brush handles are made of cornstarch and 100% biodegradable. Charcoal is added to the bristles to kill bacteria. The brushes sell for $6.50, but I bought it for $2.99 at Marshalls. Here’s a link the Grin website: Grin Natural.


The Body Shop Strawberry shower gel ($7.99) and body butter ($10.99). This is one of my favorite scents by the Body Shop. It’s so light and delicious.


I stopped myself. I have too much shower gel and lotion at home. Bottles I haven’t touched yet. But I love strawberry, so I compromised and got a smaller bottle that I’ll use immediately. It was $3.99 for 8.4 fl. oz. *Sidenote: I discovered I already had the Strawberry body butter in my stockpile at home. Good thing I didn’t buy a new one.


I came across these Purple Tree Miracle Balms. You can use them on your lips, nails, and cuticles. I opened one to smell it and realized… I could smell it. Where was the foil seal? The tubes seemed a little empty. It just didn’t seem sanitary, so I had to pass these babies up.

Luckily I came across these Pacifica Cuban Mango lip balms. Nice and securely sealed. I grabbed one for $2.99.


This was the buy of the day.  Buxom gel lipstick in the color, Vampy Plum. As soon as I saw this lipstick I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it. Buxom lipsticks sell for $22. I got mine for $5.99. Marshalls rocks! I love this lipstick so much that I would pay full price for it.


I never leave Marshall’s without buying nail polish. OPI is my favorite and costs 9 to 12 bucks everywhere else. I get it for $3.99 at Marshalls. As soon as I got home, I polished my nails with Gimme a Lido Kiss! This is the perfect festive red. I got lucky!


I was quite surprised to see these Real Techniques Limited Edition Brushes on sale from $4.99 to $7.99. I decided to hold off on buying them since there were plenty.

1db91ffd47e43676e6df6c216a2cc33e (1)

I hadn’t seen or hear about the Brush Crush collection until I looked them up online. They’re gorgeous and Real Techniques makes quality brushes.

Look at this kabuki brush and this diamond-shaped sponge. I must have this collection and will be heading back to Marshall’s to get it. ASAP!

SAM_6224 (1)

I picked up this Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia hand cream. It has a lovely floral scent. I wish I could find the body lotion.


Crossing over to the  Home Goods side of the store, I grabbed one of these little mirrors for my desk at work. They were $5.99. I could have bought it for $4.99 at Tuesday Morning the other day, but I slept on that deal.


I got a box of Oolong Slim Tea. It tastes good. I’ll let you know if it works. $3.99


This notebook was only $4.99. I can never have enough notebooks. I’ll use this one for benchmarking my goals in 2019.


I purchase my planners and calendars months before the new year. I use Happy Planners which can be pricey. This 2019 calendar was only $12.99.

ahalifepress_524f8f6e-f7be-4ead-9171-3153b626cb62_1400x (1)

Plus, you get a boatload of stickers with it. I wish I’d seen it before I bought my Happy Planners.

Home Goods has the best holiday decor. These two Santas caught my eye. I didn’t buy them but the one on the left was only $19.99. The large one with the lantern was $39.99.

I enjoyed my shopping trip. I got some great deals. I’ll go back to get my Shea Moisture soap and my Real Techniques brushes. Knowing Marshalls and Home Goods, there will be some new stock to check out!

Merry Christmas!





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