Sephora December 2018

My monthly Sephora Playbox seemed to be geared towards lips and nude lip colors.


Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel in the color Perfect Nude. This will work as a lipgloss or a topper for me. However, this is not a “nude” shade for my skin tone.



Clearly, I can’t use this Sephora lip liner for anything. My Sephora makeup profile says I have a darker skin tone. Why would I be sent this lip liner?


These Trestique lip crayons are fabulous. I may be able to mix this with a darker lipstick, but basically, it’s too light.

93c139afcf91a063f9296818d728dccd (1)

I’ve received this belif moisturizer several times. It’s unimpressive.



This Too Faced primer gets the job done so I will use this sample.



I’ll take this Lancome toner with me when I travel. I use witch hazel as an astringent instead of toner.

Well, this Sephora Box gets a thumbs down. I didn’t really need or want anything I received.

Stay blessed,




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