Home Spa Day: From Head to Toes


On the weekend, I set aside some time for a home spa day.  I like to pamper myself and relieve stress from the work week. This week I’m going to use Tree Hut’s Coconut Lime body wash, sugar scrub, and body butter. These products smell amazing, and they’re affordable at around $7 each. This scent is one of my longtime favorites.

Just look at how rich and creamy the body butter is. Simply heavenly for dry skin.


Grace and Stella anti-wrinkle and energizing eye masks are cool and relaxing. Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while the masks depuff and refresh the under eye area. I received these in a subscription box, but they’re available online. Here’s a link Grace & Stella Eye Masks.

7th Heaven Creamy Coconut face mask. I get this mask for about two bucks at the drug store. I’ve been using it for years. It’s creamy, soothing, and moisturizing.


I got this OleHeriksen Truth serum in a makeup subscription box. The serum is pricey. Check out this link for some gift sets that give you more for your money: Truth Serum.


Kate Blanc Rosehip seed oil is my secret for young and supple looking skin. It works magic on the face and cuticles.


I love to slide my feet into these plastic booties by 7th Heaven. They have Argan oil, shea butter, peppermint, and more in them.



I love…love…love my Felina lounge sets. They’re warm and comfy. I buy them at Costco for around $15.


I snuggle my newly moisturized feet into my Muk Luk slippers, have a cup of cocoa, and watch a good Lifetime movie. Who could ask for more? What do you do to relax on the weekends?

Stay blessed,









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