As I Am Curling Jelly


I decided to test out As I Am’s leave-in conditioner and styling jelly. I’ve heard great things about this combo. I caught them on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. It was BOGO. The leave-in conditioner is $10 and the curling jelly is $12.


The So Much Moisture leave-in conditioner has aloe vera, lavender, and vegetable glycerin in it.


The consistency is thin and runny which scared me at first. However, I have low-porosity hair, and it’s hard to get moisture inside my hair follicles. Apparently, thin leave-in conditioners are best for my type of hair.


I purchased the 8 oz container of the As I Am Curlng Jelly. I didn’t want to spend the extra coins on a bigger container if it didn’t work.


The curling jelly has all kinds of moisturizing ingredients in it, and it’s supposed to make your curls and coils beautiful.



This isn’t a good picture but the jelly is thin and runny like the leave-in-conditioner.


This is my hair dry. It dried in a few hours and feels soft.

I noticed there was a lot more frizz than with other styling products.


Hmm. This wasn’t the look I was going for. It was bedtime, so I would have to deal with it in the morning.  I picked and refreshed my hair the next morning and headed to work. It looked okay. When I got home from work, I decided to try to fix the frizz.


I put warm water in my Stylist Sprayers bottle I got on Amazon for about 10 dollars. Low porosity hair needs warm to hot water to open up the hair follicles.

I believe I got the bad results from the As I Am Curling Jelly because of user-error. I was lazy, and I didn’t apply the jelly correctly. You MUST cover every strand. It’s not about how much you use, but how you work it into your hair. I reapplied the curling jelly working it into my hair.


These are the results. Much better. In fact, I loved it.

The curls and coils are defined and moisturized. They stayed for days with little maintenance. I learned an important lesson: application is key. Take the time to apply the styling product correctly, and you can get amazing results. I’d recommend As I Am to other naturals. It does a fabulous job, and it’s affordable.

Stay blessed,



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