IPSY Bag-October 2018


This month’s IPSY bag is perfect for the Halloween season and beyond. It’s a red clutch with a masquerade mask. I’ll be using it immediately.


Tarte has sparked a lot of controversy over its lack of darker shades for women of color. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this concealer. This is the darkest color the company offers which is deep. I hope they’ll add more shades in the future like Rhianna’s Fenty line.



INMO eyeshadow brush. I get so many brushes in my subscription box. When they’re pretty like this one, I use them for display.


This lotion has a pistachio and caramel scent. It’s loaded with Amazonian berry guaraná extract which has five times more caffeine than coffee. It tightens the skin and knocks out cellulite.


Incredible Glow Girl iridescent jelly highlighter. I’m excited to try this on my cheeks. The color is Cosmic Girl which is silver with blue flecks. I don’t have anything like this in my makeup collection.


Sundays nail polish in the color #18. I’m back into nail polishes this season, and I’m all for the deep red wine colors. I’ll be using this right away.

Remember an IPSY bag subscription is just $10 a month. This bag was totally worth it.

Stay blessed,



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