Sephora PlayBox-October 2018


I believe I’ve given all my eye cream samples away, so I’ll put this one to use right away. I love Philosophy beauty products.


Tarte hydrating primer. Thanks to these subscription boxes, I never buy primer. This one will be used accordingly.


Benefit Gimme Brow in the color 5. I love this stuff and often buy the full size. A few swipes and your eyebrows are done and stay perfect all day.


Now, why would they send a brown-skinned African-American woman a contour stick in the color banana? Why did I even bother filling out a color profile? Clearly, I’ll have to give this away.



Now we’re talking. Caudalie skin serum for dark spots. I love this high-end beauty line.  This is a good-sized sample. A full-size bottle is $79.


Lastly, I received a sample of Chloe’s eau de parfum. For those of you wondering if I use the samples I receive.  I use them daily. It’s hard for me to justify paying for a bottle of nice perfume, so I use samples. I walk around smelling like a million bucks without spending a scent.

Stay Blessed,





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