Dollar Tree Decor: You won’t believe it!

By now you know the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop. It’s a great way to save money. Dollar Tree is known for its faux flowers.


I spruced up this antique picture that I owned by putting four stems of seasonal flowers in it. They were a buck each at the Dollar Tree. Similar flowers were at least $7 a stem at Hobby Lobby.

20180902_153623[1] (3)

I’m a fan of the rustic farmhouse decor that’s popular right now, but I try to create the look on a budget. (That post will be coming soon.) I bought this mason jar from the Dollar Tree and added a Pioneer Woman measuring spoon set for a cute decor piece. The total look costs $7. I purchased the spoon set from Walmart.

20180902_153733[1] (1)

Wine bottles. Need I say more?


These are great for storing nuts, sprinkles, or cinnamon to add to hot coffee or cocoa with whipped cream.


I found this little dairy milk glass. It’s perfect for storing honey sticks.


These blue wine bottles were a surprise find at the Dollar Tree.

Check out the detail on the glass. Remember they were just a dollar a piece.


This votive candle holder doubles as a container for roll-on scents and/or chapstick and lipgloss.



These glass jars are priceless to me. I use them to store just about everything in my kitchen. I don’t like my food products to remain in boxes or packages.

20180902_153146[1] (2)

These are good quality heavy glass containers, and they make your cabinets and pantries look uninformed and organized.


These blue glasses added the perfect touch to my bathroom.


They’re great for decoration, storing toothbrushes, makeup brushes or things like cotton balls.  I’ve seen these glasses in several colors.

20180902_155116[1] (1)

I discovered these coasters which match my living room perfectly.  They’re made out of plaster and have a cork backing.


I have tons of these plastic storage containers in my house and car. They come in lots of colors so you can coordinate them with any room. I use red and green for my kitchen and blue in my bedroom. They also have seasonal colors.


Last but not least,  the Dollar Tree rocks when it comes to seasonal and holiday decorations. I like to hang the decorative signs on my front door and around the house.  Let me know what goodies you’ve found at the Dollar Tree.

Stay blessed,




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