November Favorites

Every month, I like to review my favorite things. These are products, food, and items I grabbed, used, and consumed all month.


I’m loving this new Snowy Morning scent by Bath & Body Works. It’s described as a bright-and-early blend of frosted bergamot, mistletoe berry, and snow-kissed lavender. INCREDIBLE!!


This Hey Honey candle from Bath & Body Works is everything. It’s long-lasting with a honey and pear smell.



L’Oreal’s new Pure Clay mask with seawood. This is an incredible mask that you can pick up at the drug store for $13. The scent is relaxing and calming. You’ll feel like you’re at a beauty spa.


My go-to lipglosses this month are: MAC’s  Lovechild– a coppered plum color and Fenty Glow which is a nude shimmering rose color that smells like peach and vanilla.


I received this lotion in my Ipsy bag and it captivated me. It has hints of lemon and lavender. I plan to purchase the full-size tube at White Lavender Lotion. 


I’m loving this cuticle oil by DECO. I put it on my cuticles and rub it in before bedtime. It moisturizes my cuticles overnight. Of course, lavender is my favorite scent so that’s a bonus.


My go-to snack this month are these Sargento Balanced Breaks. These are packages of cheese, nuts, and dried fruit. They’re perfect in the morning or afternoon for a quick snack. You get 12 servings for around nine bucks at Costco.

I’ll see you next month with more favorites.

Stay blessed,




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