St. Patty’s Day- Apple Juice, Brown Sugar, Corned Beef & Cabbage

Contrary to popular belief, corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish meal. However, it’s a traditional Irish-American meal. Since my last name is Flannigan, I like cooking the dish for St. Patrick’s Day. This year, I’m giving it a sweet twist by adding apple juice and brown sugar. It’s gluten-free and delicious.


2 to 3 pounds of UNCURED corned beef. (You can use cured corned beef but I went for the healthier option. I also didn’t use the spices that came with the beef because I monitor my salt intake.)

4 to 5 red potatoes (quartered)

1 medium onion (quartered)

1 pound bag of baby carrots or 2 or 3 full-sized carrots cut

1 small cabbage head (sliced)


1 quart of apple juice

1 tablespoon of brown or spiced mustard

1/2 cup of brown sugar



Put potatoes in the bottom of slow cooker, then layer on carrots and the onions on top.


Put the corned beef on top of the veggies with the fat side down.Combine the apple juice, mustard, and brown sugar. Pour it over the beef and vegetables. Turn the cooker on high and let everything cook for three to four hours.


To make room for the cabbage, I slice the corned beef and remove the fat. I put it back in the cooker for another hour with the first layer of cabbage.



When there’s more room I add the rest. I like my cabbage to have a little bite to it, so I only let it cook for about hour to an hour and a half. I also add a little salt and pepper at this point.



Remove the onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and corned beef from the pot and serve a portion of each on a plate. I’m sure you’ll love it. The apple juice and brown sugar season everything perfectly, especially the carrots.

Stay blessed,






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