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Blowout After X-mas Sale: 90% Off

Sometimes you just have to share. I stopped by Big Lots and got a fabulous deal on the last of their Christmas goodies.


I got all three of these plaques for less than $2.00.


These eight ornaments cost one buck.


These cost another dollar.


I paid $1.20 for these deer ornaments. The total came to around $5.20 for all of these Christmas decorations. That’s what I call a heck of a sale. Can’t wait to use them next year.

Stay blessed,



I'm a Midwesterner who explores the world via the Internet, books, and movies. I share what I learn whether its beauty tips, health advice, recipes or literature. I'd call this blog a melting pot. I named it Barbie's Bookmarks because I love literature, and I love documenting things I find important in my life.. big and small. Thus, these are my life's bookmarks. I look forward to sharing them with you and learning about your bookmarks as well.

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