Candle Wax Tips-How to Remove and Reuse

Like many people, I love my scented candles, and I spend a lot of money on them.


They’re not a luxury to me but….


a necessity. Nothing irritates me more than having to throw away that layer of wax that’s shorter than the wick. You know what I’m talking about. It’s a waste of money, so I found a fix for it.




Put the candle in the freezer and let the leftover wax freeze.


Remove the wax from the glass jar. Depending on the mouth of the jar, you might have to break the wax up with a butter knife or a screwdriver to get the pieces out.


Next, I place a piece on a wax burner and enjoy the scent as it cascades through the room. I put the rest of the wax in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator.


Here’s another tip. Square wax melts are popular and easy to use. The problem comes when it’s time to get the wax out of the warmer. I use the same method that I use for my candles.


I let the wax solidify and put it in the freezer.


Once it’s cold, turn the top over on a paper towel and the wax will pop out. Discard it and the warmer is ready for a new wax melt.

Stay Blessed,