DIY-Make Your Own Holiday Art

Are you looking to make your home festive on a budget? How about making your own holiday decor? It’s quick, easy and cheap.  I bought all of the items used from the Dollar Tree where everything costs one buck unlike Family Dollar or Dollar General.


Picture frames in a variety of sizes


Holiday cards



Gift bags

Gift paper and decals.

Let’s start with the pictures…..

Take a card and place it inside the frame. Some will fit perfectly. Others you will have to modify with a little cutting. It literally takes less than a minute to make these pretty pictures.

Hard to believe that each of these pictures cost two bucks. Now having said that. I must admit that these frames are not the best quality. I had a few break, but that’s what you get for a dollar. I think I’ll invest in some higher quality frames from TJ Maxx, Kohl’s or Marshall’s for next year. I still love the idea, and I think the end product looks great.


The pictures look fabulous on my bookshelf with some other Dollar Tree items I’ve bought.


I wasn’t happy with this piece. I glued the gift paper on some poster board and glued the deer decals on it. I’m going to redo this with different wrapping paper. This looks a little too cheap and tacky. Fail.


I described how I made this picture in a previous post Reindeer picture. I like how it turned out. Two thumbs up.


I also made this picture and I hated it…so I dismantled it and created this look


The Believe sign came from the Dollar Tree as well.


More Dollar Tree items on my plain white walls.

My last project is my favorite. Using gift bags to make pictures.


Isn’t this cute? Simply cut the gift bag to fit the frame and here you are.


I searched and waited and searched again after seeing this gift bag on Youtube. My Dollar Tree finally got it in and I framed it. I love it.

It doesn’t seem like it but it was easier for me to make these pictures than dig out my Christmas boxes.  This year I’m not putting up a  tree or unboxing my decorations. I just don’t have the energy for it. So it was a Dollar Tree decor year for me, and I’m enjoying the look.

Stay Blessed,





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