Plan With Me: Nov. 28th to Dec. 4th & How I Use My Planners

Before I get into this week’s planning, I want to discuss how I use my planners. I have four planners. Yes, I know that’s a lot. I’m always forgetting appointments and errands, so I need to write them down–in several places.  I’ve always used planners but I fell off over the last few years. Recently, I realized that I had too much going on and I needed to get organized.

I prefer to use Happy Planners by Me & My Big Ideas/MAMBI because I can customize them. I have a mini-Happy Planner for work. I put a few stickers in it for fun, but I don’t decorate it. I have a health and fitness planner that I designed myself. It’s where I plan and track  my meals and workouts. This is important for keeping my rheumatoid arthritis under control and building a healthier lifestyle. Click the link to see how easy it was to make. DIY Health & Fitness Planner. I just purchased a third Happy Planner to use as a budget book. I’ll show you that in another post.

sam_1406This is my favorite Happy Planner. I use it to organize my daily life. It’s also a scrapbook and a journal of sorts. It’s a creative outlet for me and the decorated pages lift my spirits throughout the month. You can use any type of planner you like, simply add stickers, draw pictures, or you can even purchase themed sticker sets from Etsy. It’s fun to bring your planner to  life by adding some pizzazz.


Each section of my planner starts with that month’s summary page. I enjoy filling out this section and setting the vibe for the month. I added festive stickers to start December off with a little holiday cheer.


The  original December divider did not  reflect Christmas at all. I think MAMBI  was trying to be politically correct, but this girl likes all things Christmas. So I created a beautiful nighttime scene with a blue sky, snowflakes, pine trees, and reindeer. So pretty.


I chose a candy cane and gift theme for the month at a glance. I added a Santa, Christmas trees, and blue snowmen. The gold and green stock paper brings a polished look to the layout. I have plenty of whte space to add events as they come up during the month.


I put a few special touches on this layout by using brick-red, glittery stock paper to cover the top of the pages. I used adhesive letters to spell out, December and added pine tree washi tape.


Plaid is the theme for the weekly view. I chose a variety of patterns to liven up the pages. I used green stock paper with trees and gold paper with polka dots.



I love how the snowflakes and the pine tree mesh with the plaid washi tape. It’s very rustic looking.


The layout has a woodland feel which is perfect for the season.


I added an envelope to the planner, decorating it with a reindeer sticker (it’s actually a gift tag) and Christmas lights. I can write on the back of the envelope or put reminder notes inside the envelope. It gives the spread a completed look yet it’s functional.


Doesn’t this make you feel like drinking hot cocoa in front of a fire while wearing flannel pajamas?  I hope you enjoyed this layout.

Stay Blessed,







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