Plan with Me: Happy Planner-November 7th – November 13th

My theme this week is fall footwear featuring leopard print.


I love the way this turned out. I used leopard print washi tape to line the date boxes. I cut the pictures out of a magazine. You can also print off pictures from the internet on adhesive paper to make them stickers.


I’m on a stay-cation this week, so my goal is to clean, organize, rest, and vote. I’ve got several physical therapy appointments and plan to do light workouts, trying to ease my way back into a fitness program after my foot surgery. It decided to decorate the layout first and then write in my activities and appointments.


The neat thing about this planner is that there aren’t any rules. It’s essentially a reflection of your life and personality. You can get as creative as you want. Doing these spreads can be time-consuming and you have to enjoy doing it. I like to decorate my planner while watching my TV shows. This way I don’t have to carve out extra time for it.

I hope you like this week’s layout. If you have a Happy Planner, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about how you decorate your planner.

Stay Blessed,



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