My Lipgloss Addiction



I will never …repeat…never leave the house without my lip gloss. Not just one. I must have several tubes of lipgloss available to me at all times. My addiction includes lip balms and lipsticks, but nothing takes the place of a good lipgloss. It provides moisture and color at the same time. What’s not to love?

Not all lip glosses are created equal. I’ll break down my favorites and explain why I like them.


MAC lipglasses are the best on the market in my opinion. The formula has a sticky texture that’s not too thick and provides a powerful shine.

The applicator is user-friendly and distributes the gloss evenly on the lips. There’s a color pay-off that’s sheer but distinct. MAC lipglasses have complex colors that are often stunning by themselves or combined with MAC lipsticks. Most of all, the lipglasses are affordable with most of them costing around $16.


Sixteen bucks adds up and can be too expensive for many people. There’s a cheaper alternative…Black Radiance lip glosses. These lip glosses are  less than three bucks a piece. They are  great dupes for MAC lipglasses. Rich colors. Nice smooth application via tube. I’ve noticed that Black Radiance lip glosses don’t stay on as long as MAC lipglasses. However, they’re great for a quick splash of color and you can layer them on top of lipsticks or lip liners. My game plan is to buy every color.


Lorac lip glosses are very similar to the quality and texture of Mac lip glosses. The colors are more traditional and muted.  The formula is  hydrating and includes Vitamin E and C as well as antioxidants. At full price, the lip glosses are$16. However, I usually only pay about $3 for each of mine. Keep an eye out for Lorac lip glosses on the website Hautelook. Lorac makeup is featured about once every couple of months for dirt cheap. Stock up for yourself and for gifts.


I’m down to my last two Cargo lip glosses. I really like this brand because it moisturizes while adding just a hint of color. Their sheer nudes and pinks compliment a slew of skin tones. The price runs from around $12 to $16, but you can usually catch them on sale.


Estee Lauder’s lip glosses are very similar to Cargo in texture. I only have a few of these lip glosses left. I love the packaging and colors but they’re  expensive at $26 a pop.  I generally wait until I go to an outlet mall to replenish my supply. I can get the lip glosses for around $15.

I have one NARS lip gloss and it’s a trial size someone gave me. It has a thicker texture and the deep orange color is amazing. NARS lip  glosses start at $26. I generally avoid this brand in the store because I adore the colors and would go broke buying a bunch of them. (You have to take drastic measures when you’re a lip gloss addict.)


I’ve actually saved a lot of money on lip glosses over the past year..thanks to my subscription boxes. Ipsy, Birchbox and FabFitFun often send me lip glosses. Most of them are full sizes like the ones above. It’s a great way to try out new brands and colors.


These lip glosses are packed with natural goodness. Once again, they came in my subscription boxes. These are hydrating and affordable, so I plan to buy more of these.

I guess if I have to be addicted to something…lip gloss is not that bad. Do you have a makeup addiction? If  so, please share it below.

Stay Blessed,


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