Sweet & Sour Smashed Plantains–Meatless Mondays


It’s hard to make this dish look good, but once you try it, you’ll be addicted to the yumminess.


Start a pot of boiling water.

Gather your ingredients:


a small lime


Sea salt, cracked black pepper, and turmeric.

**The turmeric is optional. It’s added for its health benefits.


I’m trying out this vegan butter spread. Not really sure how I feel about it. This taste is similar to butter, but I find myself longing for the real thing. Not sure if I’ll buy it again.


These are the stars of the dish–two very ripe plantains. No,they’re not rotten. They’re just right. These are sweating because I put them in the refrigerator to keep them going bad before I could use them.

I buy my plantains in the produce section of the grocery store near the bananas. They’re usually green, so I let them hang around for about four or five days until they are perfectly ripe.


I use one plantain for each serving or each person.


Cut the ends off the plantains, and then slice them open.


Pop them out of the skins. They should be slightly mushy.


Slice them up.


Toss them in the boiling water.


Let the plantains cook for around seven minutes and then drain the water.

Add lime juice, salt, pepper, turmeric, and butter to the pot. Season to taste. I start conservatively and add more seasonings as I go.


Mash the plantains with a fork, turn the stove up to a medium heat, and let them cook.





Here’s the end result. You can eat this for breakfast, as a side dish, or dessert. The tartness of lime juice mixed with the sweetness of the plantain is delectable. Let me know if you try this recipe:)

Stay Blessed,


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