Meatless Monday–Bow Tie Pasta, Zucchini & Garbanzo Beans


Last week, I came across a recipe for Bow Tie Pasta, Zucchini & White Beans. Here’s a link to it: Meatless Monday. The recipe looked tasty, so I thought I’d give it a try…with a twist.


You’ll need the following ingredients. I didn’t measure, so use as little or as much as you’d like.


White onion and green pepper




Sea salt, basil, black pepper, and your favorite seasoning. I like Southwest seasoning. You’ll also need extra virgin olive oil which is in the red cruet.


Minced garlic and shaved parmesan cheese.


I add turmeric for health benefits. Check out some good reasons to add turmeric to your diet here: Turmeric health benefits.


Farfalle aka bow tie pasta cooked al dente.


I actually cooked the whole box of pasta. I grew up in a large family so it’s hard to make smaller portions. I couldn’t use all of the bow tie pasta in the dish, so I stored some in the freezer. I can use it another time for a quick meal. Just heat it up and pour some marinara sauce on top.

Okay, here’s the biggest change from the original recipe. Your last ingredient will be garbanzo beans. This was added by accident. Since I’m still recovering from surgery, I have to use the knee walker to get around the kitchen. My energy was low and I grabbed the garbanzo beans out of the cabinet instead of white beans. It turned out to be a pleasant mistake since garbanzo beans give the dish a nutty taste.



Now let’s start cooking. Sautee onions,  green peppers, zucchini  in olive oil and add seasonings.


In a separate pan, heat up some olive oil and add minced garlic and the garbanzo beans.


Add all the ingredients together including the pasta.


Scoop a serving into a bowl and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top…delicious.

bow tie pasta

Stayed Blessed,






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