Trader Joe’s Haul-My Favorite Eats


I love me some Trader Joe’s. I’ve mentioned in other posts that I like grocery shopping, and I’ll visit several stores during the week to find the perfect food items. One of my favorite shopping spots is Trader Joe’s.  I find a lot of items there that I can’t buy anywhere else. This shopping spree was done about three weeks ago in preparation for my foot surgery. I wanted key things in the house that I could eat prepare quickly and easily.

*I lost my receipt so I’ll have to give approximate prices for some of the items.


I picked up two boxes of Trader Joe’s Steelcut Oatmeal and Quinoa and Steelcut Oatmeal. Each box contains two frozen servings of oatmeal. All  I had to do was microwave the oatmeal and it was ready to go. These were $1.70 a box. I really liked this oatmeal and plan to buy more.


These gluten free waffles are delicious. They’re light and have a wonderfully sweet taste.  They’re so good that Trader Joe’s only had one box left in the freezer, so I went back the next day and bought two more boxes.  Price= $2.30.


There’s nothing healthy about Trader Joe’s Strawberry Vanilla Greek Yogurt. It’s loaded with calories, but it’s so creamy and thick that I have to buy it as a treat every now and then. $1.39


Trader Joe’s Pretzel Slims with Everything  are so yummy that I always buy two bags at a time. Price=$2.29 a bag.


I pair the pretzels with Kalamata Olive Hummus or  Tzatziki  garlic cucumber dip. Both are under three bucks.


I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s coconut shrimp. It’s reasonably priced at less than six dollars a container. This shrimp is super delicious with cocktail sauce.


I’ve been limiting the amount of meat I eat lately, partially because I don’t crave it as much as I used to. I also find that I feel better when I eat less meat, particularly beef and pork. So I picked up some meatless frozen meals. This spinach lasagna is huge and tastes great. You won’t even miss the meat. Price=less than $3.00



As far as I could tell, this was a vegetarian meal as well. It was both sweet and crunchy and cost less than four dollars.


I bought these fries for the first time, but I didn’t care for them. They were thin and bland. However, I love these smoked chicken and turkey sausages. I got sweet basil pesto this time, but they also sell an awesome apple sausage. These cost around four dollars a package.


I never leave Trader Joe’s without a couple of boxes of their reduced guilt mac and cheese. These are great for lunch or dinner and there are only 270 calories per box. Here’s more information. Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese.


These brussel sprouts were dirt cheap so I got two bags. I believe they were less than two dollars. I also bought baby spinach which was about the same price. I already had a bag of kale at home along with romaine lettuce.


I got some shredded carrots which are washed and ready to  use. Throw them in salads,  slaw, anything you want.


I bought a back-up bottle of Trader Joe’s Cilantro salad dressing. However, while writing this blog I realized that the salad dressing has to be refrigerated even if it’s not opened. This bottle has been sitting out for weeks and is spoiled. Nearly four dollars down the drain. Thank goodness, I still have my original bottle because this salad dressing is incredible.


I’m obsessed with these rice noodle soup bowls.  I have this soup bowl once a week for lunch. There’s around 4 grams of fat in it compared to Ramen noodles which has 14 grams. But beware, these soup bowls contain around 1300 mg of sodium which amounts to 56% of the recommended daily intake. They cost a heck of a lot more than Ramen noodles too. They’re 99 cents a bowl where as Ramen noodle soup cups are around 30 cents a cup.


Trader Joe’s has loads of trail mixes available, but I usually pick up the Omega Trek Mix. Each package has 10 bags of trek mix for less than six dollars. The bags contain walnuts, pumpkin seeds, pecans, pistachios, and dried cranberry. I eat these for snacks, and I keep a bag in my purse in case I get hungry.


I picked up some dog food and beef jerky strips for Zoe. She loves the Trader Joe’s brand of dog food and it’s good for her. Price= around $8 for dog food and $1.99 for beef jerky strips.

I needed tissues and saw this box. I thought it was unique and cute. 99 cents a box.

Lastly, I never make it out of Trader Joe’s without grabbing a bag of these…20160617_182005-1

So yummy. That’s my Trader Joe haul. Let me know if you try any of these items. Also, please subscribe and follow my blog (click on follow icons to the right) and feel free to leave comments.

Stay Blessed,










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