May Ipsy vs June Ipsy


I decided to review the May and June Ipsy bags together. Ipsy is a monthly subscription service. For ten dollars a month, Ipsy sends five items and a makeup bag.


The theme for May was Destination Chic. The makeup bag features statues and symbols from around the world. I have to say this is one of my least favorite Ipsy bags. I don’t like the shape of the bag nor the way it’s decorated. The envelope shape and  the snap-lid limits what type of items the bag can hold. I can probably store thank you cards or business cards in it.


The postcard included in the makeup bag was cute. The only problem was the postcard had to be sent to Ipsy. It had a survey on the back and Ipsy’s mailing address. It would have been nice if this was a blank postcard that could be sent to anyone.

This Hikari skin bronzer palette has four colors that can be used separately or swirled together. The color payoff is great, and I use it as eyeshadow as well.


I got another Smashbox mascara. I’ve received several of these from both Ipsy and Birchbox in the past. I like Smashbox, so I’m always happy to receive these mascaras.


This Mellow lipstick in the color Nude goes on smooth and is moisturizing.


This color works well on darker when used with a brown lipliner. Click on the video link to see how to do it. Nude lipstick on darker skin


I’m always looking for a new lip treatment. Hanalei balm glides on the lips smoothly. There’s lanolin, agave, and grape seed oil in the treatment. I received a full-size tube which costs $25. It’s definitely worth the money.


Lastly, I received a small sample of Hungry Hair Oil Treatment. It smells like powder and has Argan oil and vitamins A & E in it.


Now let’s explore the June Ipsy bag. I love the colors and the graffiti look of the makeup bag. This could be my favorite bag ever.



June’s them is Rebel.



Two Biorepublic  fiber masks were in the Ipsy bag. Cucumber Breeze  is good for soothing and calming. The Pomegranate Crush mask refreshes and invigorates the skin.


The Bombshell lipgloss I received matches the Mellow lipstick in the May Ipsy bag. I plan to wear them together with a chocolate lipliner.



Urban Decay eyeshadows are fabulous. They’re pricey, so I like getting one for free.  This one is called Lounge and it has a unique mixture of color. Sometimes it looks green and silver and other times it’s red and silver.


Colourpop creme gel liners are creamy and  leave distinct lines. I received the color Swerve which is a mixture of cobalt and teal. The liner has a built in sharpener which makes it super easy to use.


Lastly, I received  a waterproof eye makeover remover from Klorane. I’m not sure why a makeup remover needs to be waterproof but I’ll use it.

Comparing the May and June Ipsy bags, I’d have to call it a tie. Both bags contain products  that I can and will use. May and June Birchbox reviews are coming soon.

Stay blessed,














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