Fab Fit FunWelcome Box

I love subscription boxes, so when I saw a coupon for Fab Fit Fun, I decided to give it a try. Fab Fit Fun has seasonal boxes that arrive in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The boxes are $50 each unless you find a coupon, and there seem to be quite a few floating around. I signed up between seasons so I got a Welcome box which was full of favorites from previous boxes. With the coupon, I only paid $25 and received $315 worth of products.20160319_172748

I opened the box to see all these goodies. I was so excited. Let’s dig in.


Every box comes with a magazine. Actually Fab Fit Fun started as an online magazine. They began offering the boxes to give readers a chance to try some of the products featured in the magazine.

The first thing that caught my eye was a hot pink gift box which had a $25 Shoptiques.com gift card. Shoptiques.com is like an online shopping mall. I’ll have fun shopping and saving money with this gift card.


I also received this jumping rope by Cosmobody. $14  I can’t wait to start using this once I get through with my treatment for fallen arches. (It’s a long story that I’ll cover in another blog.)


They included a bottle of Organic Valley milk protein shake. This stuff is so good, but very pricey. $2.99 a bottle and $12 for a four-pack. Yummy.


This conditioning spray is awesome. Gorge’s, I’ll make you look amazing daily spray is a leave-in conditioner that left my hair feeling like silk. $24.95


Also in the box is this Passport to Beauty, Tibetan Goji Berry eye serum. This item is $88. I was so shocked that I went to the website to double check the price and size. Yeah, this is a full-size tube. Wow. Passport2beauty.


This Zoya vegan free nail polish stays on forever. I love this light gray color called, Carey.

Just when I needed a pair of earphones, I received The Donna earbuds from Frends. $80

I’ve never had such nice earbuds before, so I definitely appreciated getting this.


The last item in the box was this 14kt gold dipped, black sapphire necklace. $100.

The necklace has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s dainty and pretty and looks good with just about everything.

I can’t say enough great things about the products I received. Most of them are things I wouldn’t buy myself, but I love. I really like the Fab Fit Fun boxes and I’ve already received by Spring box. I’ll review it for you soon.

Stay blessed,








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