It’s time to review my monthly subscriptions to Ipsy and Birchbox. It’s a double whammy this time…both February and March. Monthly subs to Ipsy and Birchbox cost $10 a month for each service. You get five samples or full size products. Let’s get started.


Ipsy’s theme for February was Pretty in Pink.


The bag was adorable. Love it and will get lots of use out of it.


Truth Fund nail polishes stay on forever and this color, I’m Kind of a Big Deal is gorgeous. I received a crystal nail file with a plastic cover. Nice…real nice.


Also got a sample of Smashbox primer oil. Jor’el Parker’s Eau So Divine which smells divine. And lastly, I received a Naked Cosmetics’ Mica pigment which is shimmery gold and bronze color.

Moving on to February’s Birchbox…..


The peach box was cute. A fun little box to put knick knacks in and as always, a card inside listed the full size prices of the samples I received.

20160215_191237 (1)20160215_191310-1

I received a hair serum for medium to fine hair which I’ll give away to someone since I have thick hair. The Not Soap Radio shower gel  smells yummy, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.



I love how honey moisturizes  my skin, so I can’t wait try this mask. Arrow is Birchbox’s brand and this a cheek tint good for the weekend. It adds just a hint of color when you don’t have time to do a full face of makeup. The lip liner was way too light so it was useless to me.

Initially, I didn’t like my March Birchbox, but when I reviewed it again, I changed my mind.


The box is bland, but I guess I can use it for something.


Here’s what I got.


You only get five sample or trial sizes per month and I hate it when they give you a shampoo and conditioner and count them as two separate items. Oh well. I will try them. They smell delicious and are designed for use on dry hair. The Style de Paris is a light spring scent.


This Ren 1 Minute Facial has vitamin C which is great for the skin. I’ll definitely use this.


Tresique’s eyeshadow pencil in Aspen pine is great to use as a shadow base or alone. I’ve received this pencil in another box in a gold color and it’s fabulous.


When I first saw this bag online I was unimpressed, but it looked so much better in person. This is the perfect makeup bag for the summer. Nice for the pool or beach and waterproof.


The welcome card matches nicely with the bag. Both are indicative of the warmer weather we’ll be having soon.



This  Me Me Me  loose powder brush was a nice surprise. I plan to use it as a blush brush.


This is a great Spring color eyeshadow, but I plan to use it as a blush as well.



It’s iridescent and has a flush of a pink-rose color.


I already tried one of these facial masks and it worked. It’s moisturizing and relaxing. Can’t ask for anything more.


This lipgloss is comparable to my Mac lipglasses. It’s thick and has a beautiful hint of color. I was really impressed.


I plan to practice my cat eye with this fine tip liquid eyeliner. The one thing I enjoy about these boxes is that I get lots of samples of mascara and eyeliners. It saves me money because I rarely have to purchase them.

I hope you liked this review. I have some really exciting blogs and hauls to come…really soon.

Stay Blessed,





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