A Huge Vitacost Haul+plus more



Vitacost is my favorite online shopping site. It’s where I go to purchase a lot of my natural beauty, hair and skin products as well as organic and healthy food and drinks. When I started using the service, it was more difficult to find healthy products in my area. Now most of my local grocery stores have a “healthy section” and both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods have opened. I still shop at Vitacost for one major reason…it’s cheaper. Typically I order every month and if you spend more than $49, shipping is free.
There are always online coupons available as well.

This month I bought more than usual because I hadn’t shopped on the site in a while and I wanted to try some new products out. The great thing about Vitacost is that you can buy everything from food to skincare products to pet supplies. Let’s start with skincare.


This is a great dupe for Josie Moran’s Argan oil which costs $48 a bottle. Glonatural’s does a great job for a fourth of the cost. It’s $12 and lasts forever.


This is my first time purchasing the Acure Superfruit cleansing gel and I’m loving it. It has chlorella growth factor which helps prevent rashes and breakouts. The gel foams up and works nicely alone or with my Clarisonic, and doesn’t leave my face dry. $8.55


I love coconut oil on my skin and this soap is my favorite. I can’t find Mountain Ocean Skin Trip coconut soap anywhere locally so I have this on auto-delivery from Vitacost. Each bar is $4.19, and  you have to buy two of them which is stipulation for some items on the site. This is one of the creamiest soaps that I’ve every used and it contains: coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, and aloe. It’s a must-have for me.


This is another favorite that I’ve been using for years. Dr. Woods Raw Black Soap with Shea Butter. This liquid soap can be used for everything: shampoo, face and body, and you can even clean with it. I often wash the bathtub with this soap before a bath since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. It’s especially useful if you have sensitive skin. I’ve never had any type of bad reaction to this soap. It has healed my skin and works wonders. On Vitacost, you get 32 oz for $8.07. If you want to learn more about black soap, here’s a link you may find helpful. Benefits of Black Soap.


Vitacost Tag Pet Shampoo. I was so happy to find this dog shampoo. I used it on my dog and she loved it. The aloe vera made her hair soft and the lather was great. $4.61


Here’s another goodie that I repurchased. Nubian Shea Butter infused with coconut and papaya. Shea butter is the only thing that soothes my elbows, feet and hands during the winter. This 4oz container costs $8.99 but  lasts  a long time because the shea butter is solid. I scoop a chunk out and warm it in my hands and then smooth it on my skin. The smell is amazing. There is also a coconut papaya shower gel that I’m going to buy next month.



I must always have this Reviva Rosewater Facial Spray in the house. I spritz it on my face and neck after a shower or anytime of the day. It instantly revives me and soothes my skin. It can be used as a toner, makeup primer or to set makeup. Of course, it smells like red roses and it contains aloe and hyaluronic acid. It sells for $6 at Vitacost while it’s $9 at my local health food shop.


By now, you can probably tell that I love scented products especially those that are relaxing. Aura Cacia’s Relaxing Lavender Room and Body Mist does wonders to calm me down before I go to sleep. I spritz my sheets and myself before sliding into bed. It was only $5.48.


Hurraw! black cherry lip balm seemed interesting so I ordered it. I have to say I was very pleased. It smells like black cherry, unfortunately there’s no taste. I like it a lot. Something different for $3.69.


Traditional Medicinals  Organic Cup of Calm is perfect before bedtime. $3.79 a box. It calms me down and lulls me to sleep.  I love NUMI organic tea. This variety box has every type of tea you can imagine from white to chai to chocolate. The teas range from caffeine free to high caffeine. You get eighteen tea bags for $5.49 which is a great deal since a box of NUMI tea is usually around eight dollars.


I tried a bottle of Marley’s Yellow Mood back tea with peach, raspberry and passion fruit. This tea is caffeine free and absolutely yummy. I’ll order several bottles in my next haul. $1.79.

20160220_192947-1 (1)

Vitacost is a great place to pick up vitamins.  Last year, I was Vitamin D deficient until I started taking these pills. My doctor said that my Vitamin D levels are up to where  they should be thanks to these. 100 softgels for $3.89. I also purchased a bottle of  Vitamin C tablets with rosehip. 100 tablets for $3.95.


These Sahale Snacks pomegranate vanilla cashews are absolutely delicious so much so that I ate the whole package in one sitting. (I’m so ashamed.) There’s a sweet glaze drizzled on the cashews. It’s just sinful. I will reorder…maybe two bags. $4.99

20160220_193126 (1)

Enjoy Life No Nuts Seed and Fruit mix are healthy scrumptious snacks that are filling. I bought the individual packets at $1.09 each. It  does not have the following allegens: wheat, gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, casein, potato, sesame, and sulfites. 

The Mountain Mambo contains: sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips and cranberries.

The Beach Bash contains: sunflower kernels, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and apricots.

I’ve since learned that I can buy the 6 oz bags for $3.49 at Vitacost which is two dollars cheaper than my local store. It’s much more cost efficient to make small snack bags at home than to purchase them separately. Game plan for my next order.

20160220_193028 (1)

I’m not a peanut butter fan, but occasionally I like to make a sandwich or spread it on an apple or celery. Justin’s Peanut Butter is fabulous but expensive. I don’t like to waste it so I usually buy these packets at 59 cents each which is much cheaper than buying them in the health food section of the store.


The Tyrrell’s Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar English chips are probably the best chips I’ve had in years. I only bought two bags and when I went back to order more Vitacost was out of stock. They’re $1.29 a bag. I gave the Ziggy’s kettle corn a shot even though I usually don’t care for kettle corn. The Smokin’ Honey Barbecue was plain, but the Kickin’ Buffalo Wings had a nice spicy and sweet taste. I’ll definitely buy it again. $1.29 a bag.

That’s the end of my Vitacost haul and as you can see I saved loads of money and had fun trying different products. I didn’t stop there and picked up a few things locally.


Believe it or not, HomeGoods has a section of healthy foods at reduced prices. I picked up a bag of dried apricots to snack on or toss in salads. Only $2.99 a bag. By now, you can probably tell I’m obsessed with soap. I wanted a soap with a lemon scent and I found this Body Shop soap for $1.99. It smells heavenly.


This Mega Omega trail mix is crazy good. It’s gluten free and contains loads of Omega 3s. It contains: pumpkin seeds, almonds, cranberries, mango and walnuts. I prefer this over a chocolate bar when I need a snack. I put this mix in snack bags and carry to work or toss in my purse for something healthy to nibble on. I purchased a 17 oz bag for $5.99 at HomeGoods.

I decided to pick up some more soap at HSU health food store. Vegetable oil base, all-natural soap is my preference so I like to keep a nice supply around at all times.


Yes, I’m soap obsessed. You can never have enough soap in my opinion. I’ve been wanting to try an Emu Oil soap so I picked that up. Emu oil is moisturizing and the soap is great for shaving. I always try to keep tea tree soap in the house. Tea tree is an astringent and anti-fungal soap. It’s great for rashes or sensitive skin. These soaps are made by the company, Soap Works.

The company makes a slew of soaps designed for specific skin types, especially sensitive skin. The soaps are reasonably priced around three bucks and most of them are gluten free. Soap Works also doesn’t test on animals and the soap comes without packaging to protect the environment. Here’s a link to the website  The Soap Works. They describe each type of soap; how it’s made and where they get the ingredients. It’s educational and important if you want to make sure you’re using the right soap for your skin.

Okay, okay, we’re almost done. I use ground turmeric in my recipes because of the health benefits but I wanted to purchase a tea with turmeric in it.


I purchased a box of organic Buddha Teas  Turmeric Ginger Tea. It’s has a spicy taste  that I enjoy and it’s good for me. I don’t know the name of the store I bought this from but I found this link on Buddha Teas. You can also look for the tea at health food stores.

I hope you’ll try some of these products and some new things on Vitacost or from the website links I’ve posted. If you find something you like, please share it. I’m always looking for new  products or foods to try.

Stay Blessed,














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