Chalking and Shopping

I love football season, but not for the reason you may think. A Saturday afternoon Buckeye game usually means fewer shoppers in the stores. This weekend I  pulled up to the Easton Town Center to find this…


The annual Chalk Block brought out sightseers and shoppers. I hate dealing with crowds, but I quickly cheered up once I saw the pictures decorating the streets.


After taking in the sights, I began my shopping adventure. Since it’s still my birthday month, I set out to buy some of my favorite things while staying within a budget. The first stop was at Sephora for some makeup and moisturizer.

IMG_20150927_171205 (1)

I use a tinted moisturizer from Nars in the color Martinique medium dark. I gives my face a light coverage and has sunscreen in it. The cost is $43.00. I also purchased a small bottle of Josie Moran argan oil. A half ounce is sixteen bucks. This product is what I consider the best argan oil on the market. It is one hundred percent pure, so a little goes a long way and this face moisturizer will for months.


I also got a free gift for my birthday which made me feel better about having to pay full price for my purchases. I was overwhelmed to receive two Nars matte colored lip pencils. The red color is Cruella and the deep salmon color is Rikugien.


My next stop was at Anthropologie for one of my favorite candles: Capri Blue Aloha Orchid candle. This scent is heavenly. A mixture of jasmine and gardenia. The medium size container is $14. The Volcano scent is also wonderful. It has a sugary orange tones.


I love Lush but avoid the store in order to save my wallet. I decided to grab a couple of bath bombs for my relaxing Sunday baths. I got Dragon Egg which fizzles and fills the the room with a citrus smell. It’s $6.45. I got a butterball bomb which has a vanilla scent. It’s $4.95.


The Body Shop called my name and I answered. I love their Exotic scented oil. It’s been my favorite for years. I like to burn it with Satsuma/Clementine. The bottles are six bucks a piece. But I hit the jackpot: buy two get one free. I chose Sandalwood and Ginger for my third bottle.

IMG_20150927_171048       IMG_20150927_170925

I’m obsessed with body soap, especially all natural soaps. I peeked into the Celebrate Local store and these two soaps caught my eye. How can you go wrong with Lavender Orange and Rosemary Mint? Made here in Ohio. $6 a piece.


I stopped by Hallmark for another free birthday gift. This is a cell phone caddy that doesn’t fit my phone. The free gift was a fail. So while I was there, I picked up a couple of Drizzle Melts. Hallmark has slashed the price fifty percent on them. I previously picked up a large supply,  but since they still had some left, I bought a more.


Black Spiced Rum and Tennessee Whiskey and Sweet Tobacco. Not my favorite scents but they’ll be nice around the holidays. They were $1.87 each.


Another obsession: lipgloss. I can never have enough. I went to Macy’s looking for a nice soft color that wasn’t too bold. Nothing at the Mac, Fashion Fair, Lancome, Chanel, or Estee Laude. I was at the point where I was almost willing to pay any price for that darn perfect lipgloss. Then I saw it. A huge 50% off sign. Could I …would I? Yes. I found two lovely Cargo lipglosses.

IMG_20150927_171621 (1)

Just a splash of color. Vienna is a magenta color and Belgium is the peachy-brown. Love them. And with the sale, they were eight bucks a piece. Yeah!. I couldn’t end my favorite things shopping spree without buying a piece of clothing.


I found this cardigan at Ann Taylor Loft. It was marked down and then slashed an additional forty percent off. $22.00.

All that shopping made me hungry so I stopped by the Cheesecake Factory and got a slice of Chocolate Mousse cheesecake. Then I picked up the rest of my dinner from Whole Foods.


Cheese pizza, grilled veggies, Joe’s bbq chips and a Fuzzy peach wine cooler to wash it all down. As I looked through the pictures I’d taken at the Chalk Block, one stood out to me.


Pretty, peaceful, and pleasant…just like my day.

Stay blessed.


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