Color Me Calm


I’m jumping on the bandwagon late…but I’m finally on it. A few weeks ago, I learned about grown folks who like to color. Apparently, it’s a popular trend sweeping the nation. Coloring is calming to many people. It helps them unwind and release stress.


I could use a stress reliever, so I picked up this Creative Haven Floral Mosaics book and colored away. I got it from Michael’s for $5.99. So far I’ve knocked out these pictures.


I’m no great artist but I feel good after completing each page. It’s a great opportunity to showcase my creativity and relax at the same time. The other day I stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up a new book. I wanted to try something different from floral designs. I was surprised by the selection of adult coloring books. While walking in I was greeted by a display of coloring books…all on sale for less than eight bucks.


At another location in the store….more books. These ran around ten to sixteen bucks. wpid-20150904_143446.jpg

Believe it or not, there was a third location for the books. Just shows you how popular they are.


The two most popular books are Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. You can even color the covers.

20150904_143347-1      20150904_143403-1

These books feature intricate designs with hidden characters. They’re normally sold out, but I found a few of the books at Barnes and Noble for $15.95 a piece. You’re best and least expensive option is to get them from Amazon for around ten dollars. I haven’t bought these coloring books yet because they’re very complicated and I’m still working on my technique. Here are a couple of YouTube videos that have helped me with blending colors and shading.

20150904_191627 My newest coloring book is Mehndi Designs. I bought it for about eight dollars at Barnes and Noble. This book is more advanced than my first coloring book. I’m looking forward to bringing these illustrations to life.



I’m already having fun with this peacock.

So what do I color with? I prefer to use colored pencils. I bought a twelve-pack of Artist’s Loft colored pencils from Michael’s. I think they were around ten dollars. But I wanted a crap load of colors, so I went to Walmart and bought cheap CrazyArt pencils for five bucks and put them in a 99 cent pencil box. These work fine for me but some people prefer high-end pencils.


Another option is to get a set of gel pens. I hear that Costco sells These are good because they don’t bleed through the page. You could also use plain ole crayons.

I can’t tell you how relaxing and fun these coloring books are. I absolutely love them and recommend everyone give them a try.

Be blessed



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