Plantains, Chayote & Okra Soup

  I got this recipe from one of my favorite YouTubers, Chef Mama Rosa. Here’s a link to her recipe for Chayote & Okra Soup. A shout out to my friend, Cece for introducing me to her. This soup is packed full of nutrients and it’s tasty. It’s a new combination for me but chayote and okra are very good for you,…

Sweet & Sour Smashed Plantains–Meatless Mondays

It’s hard to make this dish look good, but once you try it, you’ll be addicted to the yumminess. Start a pot of boiling water. Gather your ingredients: a small lime Sea salt, cracked black pepper, and turmeric. **The turmeric is optional. It’s added for its health benefits. I’m trying out this vegan butter spread….