Ipsy June 2017

I’m really lovin’ my Ipsy subscription boxes this year. This may be my favorite so far. The theme is Volume Up and Ipsy brought the heat.



Take a look at this bag. Adorable. I really make use of my Ipsy bags. I use them in my purses, car, at work. They’re fun and unique.


Gold and bronze are my favorite makeup colors and Ipsy always delivers. I can’t wait to use this Beauty For Real eyeliner in the color 24 Karat.  This is one of those items I’d never get around to buying, so to have it shipped to me and for only $10 a month is a real luxury.


I want to take a moment to point out this info card which features natural hair. This is nice to see. Diversity and inclusion are always good things


Ipsy added Chia Curl by Trissola to this month’s box. It’s great for naturally curly hair. Since I straighten my hair, I will give this to a friend.



The Balm is a favorite company of Ipsy. This month I got the Instain blush. I’ll use this as an eyeshadow instead of a blush.



City Color is a really a really inexpensive brand that packs a lot of color.


On the left is Beach Cottage which is a jade color layered in gold. It looks amazing in person. Next to it, is the Instain blush in the color Pinstripe. You can see how these would look great together as eyeshadows. I’ll be playing around with these all summer.


You know I love me some lipgloss. NYX’s Whipped Fouette is perfect for the summer. The color is Cocoa Bean and it smells like yummy chocolate. It’s a nice muted shade which goes nicely with the bright eye color in this month’s bag.

Click here IPSY if you’d like to learn more about Ipsy.

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May 2017 Ipsy Bag

Of course, this month’s Ipsy bag has a  summer theme.



I received a clear plastic bag decorated with ice cream cones and fudgesicles. This will be handy at the pool or beach.


This is a repeat from Ipsy. I got this brush last year and it’s perfect for highlighting. I guess I have a spare now. In fact, I’ve received about four Luxie brushes from Ipsy over the months. No complaints here.


This Manna Kadar bronzer and highlighting duo is another duplicate. I think I gave the other one away, so I’ll use this one. On the right side of the picture is a Hikara cream eyeshadow pigment. These pigments rock. A couple of months ago, I received a gold one and it’s one of the most gorgeous golds I’ve ever owned.  This month’s cream pigment is a metallic coral pink color. Just swipe it on and go.


I haven’t bought a mascara in years, thanks to Ipsy and Birchbox. I usually receive great quality mascaras. If I don’t like one, I toss it and move on the next.


How can you go wrong with coconut oil?

Nice bag, but I can’t wait to see what June brings. It should be good.

Stay blessed,


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Ipsy Bag-April 2017

I’m loving this year’s Ipsy bags. This month’s ticket theme is adorable. Obviously, it’s perfect for a trip to the movies or an amusement park or you could keep notes and receipts in it. I think I’ll keep it in my car to store my charger, pens, and other knick knacks. Let’s take a look at what I received in the bag.


PS Cosmeceutical non-toxic nail lacquer in the color, Southern Sand. I like the fact that the nail polish is vegan, free of harmful chemicals, and infused with grapefruit seed extract which is an antifungal property. The nail lacquer cost about $15.00 a bottle. Check out the colors here PS Cosmeceutical.


Hanalei Aloe Soothing Gel can be used on the face or body.  Hanalei is an excellent brand that I’ve received before from Ipsy. I love their lip moisturizers. A full-size jar of the aloe soothing gel costs $30.

I received a little sample of Elizabeth Mott’s  Show Me Your Glow shimmer eyeshadow and highlighter. This has a silver undertone which I’ve never used before. I usually buy highlighters in gold hues. So I’m anxious to experiment with this.


Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush brush. What is there to say? The synthetic bristles are soft. The handle is sturdy. But none of that matters because this brush is so damn cute. Pink with unicorns.


TonyMoly lipcare in Honey Moisture. Since I have dry lips, I can never have too many lip balms. As you can see, I’ve already used this several times and it’s moisturizing but not too slippery.

I’m always amazed by the great products I receive from Ipsy for just $10 a month. Do you have a monthly makeup subscription service? If so, let me know. I want to try some new services out.

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Ipsy Boxes- Feb & March 2017


The thing I love most about my monthly Ipsy service is the bag I get. This denim bag is perfect to toss in my purse or to carry around town on the weekend.


Look at the cute little pull. This year Ipsy has done a great job with all of their bags. The bags alone are worth the ten dollars a month subscription fee.


Here’s what was inside the bag.

Luxie Rose Gold Brush– Vegan and cruelty-free. Dome shaped for highlighting.

Hikari Cream Eyeshadow-This has become my favorite eyeshadow. The color is Metallic Copper. I just swipe it across my lids and I’m done.

NYX Butter Lipstick– The color is Ripe Berry and it’s beautiful.

The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream– Moisturizes the fine lines around the mouth and eyes. Can’t wait to try this.

Dermadeli Toner-Not only does this toner clean your face but it also refreshes it. It’ll go in my purse for a quick spritz on warm days.



The March Ipsy bag came with a lovely card to pass on to someone special.


This month’s bag is a clutch that’ll pair well with a spring sundress. It’s a micro-suede material on one side and…


a patterned design on the other side.


Here are the goodies I received.

Air Repair Skin Moisturizer-Has green tea in it to bring new life to dull skin. I’m eager to try this out.

Cake Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse-I love the scent of coconut and mango.

Tarte Cosmetics-Matte dry lip paint in the color Vibin. Since I wear Invisalign, I’m hoping this will work for me since regular lipstick stains my braces.

Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow-This is a nice neutral color in Marisa that I will definitely use.

Chella Tweezers-The design is supposed to give you more precision while plucking those stray eyebrow hairs. We’ll see.

I’m pleased with everything I received from Ipsy, especially the bags. I’m looking forward to next month’s bag.

Stay blessed,




December 2016 Ipsy bag

This month’s Ipsy glam bag is one the best bags I’ve received all year. First, look at the bag.


Take it in. Hot pink…sigh. 1970s faux fur. This is to die for. This is a wristlet I’d wear to a party or a girl’s night out.


I love the card that came with the bag. It’s festive and fun. Ready to ring in the new year.sam_1729

This is the kind of bag I like. I can and will use all of these products. I’ve used the Ren face masks before and they’re amazing. I’ve been wanting to try the Tarte Maracuja Oil, but it’s pricey at $48 for a 1.7 oz bottle. I can’t wait to try it. I’ve heard nothing but positive things.

I have several of these Hikari liquid liners, and I keep thinking I’m going to use them more and I will. I’m just not as comfortable with the liquid as I am with a solid eyeliner. The Cake heavy hand cream is one of the best I’ve ever used. I must have a full-size tube, so I hunted it down online at Ulta, but they’re out of stock. Here’s the link if you want to get on the waitlist: Cake hand repair cream. The lotion has shea butter in it and it smells like vanilla icing.


You can’t tell, but this NYX eyeshadow is in the color jaded. It’s a nice deep green color with iridescence. This is one of my personal favorites for folks who have brown eyes like myself.

Stay Blessed,


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Birchbox & Ipsy Bag Reviews-October 2016 (Late)


This month’s review is super late. My Birchbox got lost in the mail, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t received it for two weeks. I had to contact customer service and get a new box sent. Everything worked out and customer service was excellent. So here’s a quick review.


*Death Valley dry shampoo. Full-size $17-$29

*Cynthia Rowley black eyeliner. Full-size $16

*Dr. Brandt Pores No More. Full-size $36

*Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl mascara. Full-size $14

*Real Chemistry 3-minute peel. Full-size $48

This month’s Birchbox is very basic and not in a bad way. These are great items that I use and enjoy when I receive them. So, it’s great to get them again. Also, I only pay $10 a month for my Birchbox and $10 for my Ipsy bag. Great value.


The October Ipsy bag is so darn cute. It’s pink which has replaced red as my new favorite color. The witch. The black cat. The fangs. Oh, how I love it. Ipsy has really had some amazing bags this year.


Here’s the promo card that came with the bag. Adorable and spooky. As you can see, I’m a big Halloween fan.


Inside the bag: a Balm sample of eyeshadow/blush. These samples are great to toss in your makeup bag or keep at work for those days you wake up late and need to do your makeup on the fly. I also received this pink Lottie London eyeshadow brush. You can never have too many eyeshadow brushes.


I received yet another felt black eyeliner. I just can’t make these work, and I want to do winged eyes so badly. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.


Sally’s Box Aqua Moist gel cream is a serum loaded with aloe vera and chamomile. It feels amazing on my face.


Check out the case of this Teeez Cosmetics lipstick. I’m speechless. Gorgeous. Fabulous. I…I…love it!!!


And the color is so pretty. The texture is creamy. The scent is yummy. It’s just perfect. The packaging is so stunning that I had to find the company on the internet. Here’s the link Teeez Cosmetics. Click at your own risk.

Now, I’ve got to go play with my makeup.

Stay Blessed,





IPSY BAG REVIEW-September 2016


This month’s Ipsy bag is unique and eye-catching. It’s a deep charcoal color with gold figures dressed in white. There’s a nice gold zipper top. Perfect little bag to toss in your purse.



This month’s theme is GLAMAZON…perfect for going into the fall. For ten dollars a month,  Ipsy sends five products for you to try. You fill out a profile of brands and products you’d like to receive. This month’s bag was hit for me.


I received a trial size can of Eva NYC dry conditioner. I’ll try this out during the week when my hair gets a little dry.


I’m a big fan of skin mists. They’re refreshing and can be used over or under makeup. This  trial bottle of Radial Dragon Blood Hyaluronic Tonic fits perfectly in your purse for a quick refresher. I sprayed some of the tonic on my face and I was impressed by how much softer it felt. You can learn more and purchase it here Radial Tonic.


I received yet another  Coastal Scents eyeshadow brush. You can never have too many of them.


I adore Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes. This is the third bottle I’ve received from my makeup subscription services. This metallic color, Champagne Socialite, is perfect for the fall. Love me some gold nail polish.


My last product is Too Faced’s Lip Injection. This is supposed to plump your lips up. I gave it a try. Initially, it smells and tastes like bubble gum and then it stings…and then it burns. It’s tolerable but uncomfortable for a few minutes. I noticed that my lips were a little fuller, but I’m not sure it’s worth the pain unless you have really thin lips.

I was pleased with my September Ipsy bag as I have been over the last few months. I’ve seen other blogs and Youtube videos where people complain about the products. I would suggest completing the online reviews for the products you receive and updating your preference profile. It took me a while to start getting the products I like, but I kept giving Ipsy feedback and now my bags are much better.

Stay Blessed,