Allure Beauty Box

May 2022

I’ve come to adore my Allure boxes. You get a load of high-quality products for $30 a month. If you lead a busy life, subscription boxes are a fabulous way to get new beauty products without shopping around.

Recently. Allure started adding pamphlets to the boxes. It’s great because you get a full description of the items.

You can see what ingredients the products contain. There are directions for usage, the price, and where to purchase it.

I always need lip balms because my lips stay dry. This has coconut in it which does a great job moisturizing. $5

This is a weightless hair oil. Too light for my natural hair. I’ll try it on my wigs. $18

This is a very light hydrating toner. Apply this right after cleaning your face and follow with the rest of your skincare routine. $19

This is a sample of Melt in Suncreen. This blends in like a moisturizer. It’s SPF 60. Full-size is $36.

LatinUs Beauty

I received a sample of shampoo and conditioner. There’s a 30% coupon to use if I like them.

I’ve been loving serums lately. This one is chocked full of collagen, retinol and more. It’s pricey at $125. Yep. Remember, I only paid 30 bucks for the whole box.

I forget to take a picture of it, but you can see the full-size tube of AHAVA mineral hand cream. It has cactus and pink pepper in it, and the moisturizer has a soft, clean scent. $36

Allure Member Store

There is an online Allure store where you can purchase these products at a major discount.

Stay Blessed,



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