My New Face Massager

Time is no friend to the face. Wrinkles and fine lines fight for an appearance. I’m ready for battle.

I purchased this Kallory massager to exercise my face muscles. The goal is to keep gravity from pulling your skin down. No sagging skin for me, yet.

You press the button and rotate to the speed you want. Wet your face and rub the massager over it. I could feel the tiny currents, but it doesn’t hurt.

You charge it with a UBS cord. I’m not sure where I ordered it, but I saw the massager on Amazon for $26. Walmart has it for $18. This is a great size for travel.


I went to the LAMER website and got a couple of free samples.

I got a sample of the Treatment lotion. The price is $125 to $180.

I also received a sample of the Creme De La Mer. The price ranges from $95 to $1330.

I keep everything in an Ipsy bag which protects it from my bad dog, Bailey.

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Stay Blessed!



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