A Quick Trip to Marshall’s

Marshall’s & Home Goods Haul

I bounced into Marshall’s and Home Goods just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I was with my aunt who after a lifetime of shopping together claims she’s never seen anyone shop like me. I slowly travel through each aisle, visually examining the items. I have to make sure I don’t miss anything.

Tommy Hilfiger

My laser precise eyes landed on gold when I found these. Wine bottle toppers. I’ve been looking for new ones for months. These are perfect, and they only cost $3.99 each.

Gourmet Condiments

I always stop by the food section of Home Goods for their gourmet snacks.

I was running low on fresh ground black pepper, so I picked up some.

I always buy hand lotion at Marshall’s. This is Burt’s Bees’ hand cream with hemp. It’s great if you suffer from arthritis like I do.

You know I had to get this cup. I like it so much that I’m just going to use it for decoration

Laura Mercier

I found LIPSTICKS 💄 😍

This is the highlight of trip. Look at the Rouge Electrique on my lips.

These lipsticks were less than ten bucks.

I know you see these gorgeous colors. The bottom shade is a nude Mac color


I’m so happy 😊

Lastly, I stocked up on my Marshall’s reusable bags which are 99 cents each.

Stay Blessed,



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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    Those lipsticks look amazing also the parrot and flamingo are so cute


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