Allure Box

Allure Box – April 2022

The April Allure Beauty Box brought a smile to my face like the model on the brochure cover.


A tube of facial sunscreen lotion. This is a must for all skin tones. I put it on under my foundation. $30

Saturday Skin

This is a gel that scrubs dead skin and dirt off your face. It has papaya and pineapple in it to make your skin glow. I have another tube that I use three times a week. It does a fabulous job. $28

Baseblue Mini Airsponge

This small sponge is perfect for applying concealer. The point is great for those tight spots around the eye. $17 for 6

amika dry shampoo

I use dry shampoo when I have long braids like I do now. Instead of washing every week, I clean the scalp with tea tree oil and dry shampoo. This helps the braids stay neat longer. $26 full-size

Saint Luxe Highliter

I like to blend liquid highlighters in with my foundation.

This Marc Jacobs liquid highlighter is my favorite. The bottle is well-used.

Marc Jacobs (L) Saint Luxe (R)

You can see Saint Luxe is a rose gold color. I like it! $24


This is yet another facial oil, but I’ve been wanting to try this. It has geranium and jojoba oil in it. This stuff leaves your skin super soft without a greasy residue. $68 for 1 Oz.

Stay Blessed,


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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I did want to try Amika, but I picked the Tatcha gift instead. I do love Osea body oil , it great on my skin


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