January 2022

January’s IPSY Glam Bag contained five great products.

They came inside a dainty pastel colored bag. I use these bags to hold everything from hair clips to cotton balls.

I love gold and will make good use of this liquid eyeshadow. It’s so quick and easy to use.

My lips are so dry in the winter. I keep lip treatments in all my purses, all over the house, and in my car.

I received a full-size tube of Milk mascara. In black, of course.

This is a sleep serum. I’ve already tried it. It seems to be working so far.

I was surprised to receive a full-sized bronzer.

It’s a nice deep color that I’ll definitely use.


I also received my IPSY Bag which contains five trial-sized products.

I love this bag and will use it with my summer purses which are usually pastel colored.

I like this. It’s full of vitamins and has SPF 40.

I have some dark spots on my face. I really hope this works.

This is a really good brand, so I’ll give it a try.

I received another trial sized mascara. I tossed it with the rest of my collection.

Yet, another lip sleeping mask. This one is lemon honey. Yummy!

The IPSY Bag is $12 a month. The IPSY Glam Bag is $26.

Stay Blessed,



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