Bath & Body Works $5 Haul

I’ve been anxious to share with ya’ll a BBW sale that was $5 for all body products.


During sales like these, I get the more expensive items like scrubs and aromatherapy products.

This scrub is so relaxing. I use it at least twice a week. Eucalyptus and Spearmint is one of my favorite combination scents. It also leaves your skin super soft.

I picked this up because my feet normally get dry in the winter. So, maybe this cracked heel treatment will keep them moistured.

I only buy this Stress Relief soap when it’s on sale. It’s a refreshing treat for my skin

I always get the aromatherapy body lotion when it goes on sale. I keep the Stress Relief in my house because it’s great if you have aches and pains. The other two will be nice to use before bed.

I got some essential oil mists. I spray these on my body during the day and on my pillow at night

I purchased these lavender and vanilla tablets. Put this in the shower while washing, and the bathroom will fill up with the incredibly relaxing aromas.

Stay Blessed,



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