A Trip to Lynd Fruit Farm & Smiles of Sunflowers.

On nice summer days, I like to drive and enjoy the sights. On this Saturday, I took a drive down Morse Road into Licking County.

That’s where I spotted the Lynd Fruit Farm and Smiles of Sunflowers.

There are fruit trees, dripping with apples, peaches, and berries.

They’re protected by netting to keep the birds out. I walked around, enjoying the aroma of sweet fruit floating through the warm summer air.

Across the way, is a field of bright perky sunflowers.

For twenty dollars, you can pick as many sunflowers as you want. I still use a walking cane, and I didn’t want to risk falling so I didn’t go into the field.

There were two arrangements ready for purchase.

I chose this one. Isn’t it stunning?

Just across the road from the sunflower field is the Lynd Farm Market.

Sunflowers are sold there too…

along with gorgeous plants.

Many of them are native to Ohio.

Step inside and you’ll see apples that were grown right there on the farm.

Don’t these peaches look good?

These cabbage heads are huge.

Take a look at these crunchy bell peppers.

This cauliflower was recently plucked out the field.

I had to buy a few of these big fat juicy tomatoes. Slice them and add a little salt and pepper. Heavenly.

Huge cucumbers for just fifty cents each.

Super-sized jalapenos and banana peppers.

I like to cook summer squash in butter and add a little monk fruit sugar.

I’m not a big fan of zucchini, but I bought one anyway. They’re nutritious.

Ohio is the corn state, so you know I had to grab some.

I’ve been picking and shucking ears of corn my whole life. These were sweet and delicious.

Lynd makes their own salad dressing. I got the Cherry Poppyseed, and it is tasty.

They make their own salso. I chose the mild peach salsa. If you like spicy, there are plenty to choose from.

There’s lots of flavored popcorn.

You can pop the popcorn yourself and add Lynd’s special seasonings.

There were shelves and shelves of homemade pickles.

I bought mine from the Pickle stand outside the market. I chose Garlic Baby Dills. You get ten for $10.

Lynd has gourmet candles and loads of knick knacks for the home.

There are so many unique and fun items.

I really enjoyed myself and bought some goodies to eat. Not a bad summer drive.

Stay blessed,



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